9+ Best AI Content Writers – [Both Free & Paid]

9+ Best AI content writers – [Both Free & Paid]

Are you looking for the best AI-based content generation tool to help you scale up your content creation efforts?

I’ll go over a few of them in depth in this article so you can make an informed decision about which best AI writing assistant software to buy.

You’re pressed for time? To learn more about the tools, click on the links below.

AI Tool NamePricingOur RatingLink
Jasper Starts from $29/mo4.9/5Try For FREE
ShortlyAIStarts from $79/mo4.8/5Try For FREE
CopyAIStarts from $49/mo4.1/5Try Now
RytrAIStarts form $29/mo4.0/5Try Now
CopySmithStarts from $19/mo4.2/5Try Now
Article ForgeStarts form $57/mo4.1/5Try Now
WritesonicStarts form $15/mo4.3/5Try Now
KafkaiStarts from $29/mo3.1/5Try Now
ZyroAIFREE2.3/5Try Now
OutrankingStarts from $39/mo3.5/5Try Now
WritecreamTry Now

What is an AI Content Generator? 

An AI Content Generator is a technology that uses AI to generate content that sounds like it was written by a human being for a variety of purposes. Predictions are made using the Natural Language Processing model based on past entries.

The GPT-3 model, an NLG model developed by the Open AI team, is used by the majority of AI content generators on the market today, including Jasper and CopyAI.

1. Tested and Compared best AI Writer, Content Generation Software Jasper AI ( Jarvis ai software)

Jasper AI (jarvis ai writer) is one of the best-automated article writing software and it  really shines in content generation. JasperAI or Jarvis ai writing has become the go-to AI writing solution for a number of reasons, including the fact that it has over 40,000 members.

Jasper AI, originally Conversion AI, was one of the first AI writers to offer a full blog post writing solution. Since content generated was so relevant, many content marketers jumped on board and became brand evangelists.

jasper key features

Jasper (jarvis content writer) key features

In order to get things done quickly, Jasper pays attention. Some of the innovative features brought to the platform today are a direct result of what the users wanted or asked for in the community. When it comes to Jasper, he presently possesses the following:

  • Grammarly integration is built into the document editor.
  • The Jasper interface has been made to work with Copyscape.
  • Optimizing content for search engines with the Surfer SEO add-on
  • Several more templates, such as Amazon’s description, were added because users asked for them.
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Jasper Commands: The commands that ask Jasper make your editor into a playground where you can come up with different content and ideas as you write. As you write, you can add these ideas and content to your copy. Is there a word or phrase that you think your readers won’t be able to understand? Ask Jasper to explain it to you.

Best AI content writers

Jasper commands can also be used for:

  • Running built-in templates on the content above your cursor when you ask Jasper to do so.
  • Asking Jasper to write blog sections like content briefs, intros, headings, SEO metadata, intros, outlines, or even expand sections of the blog is what you want to do.
  • Asking Jasper to come up with quotes that you can use in your content, for example.

Jasper commands are great because you can use them to come up with ideas for anything, whether it’s for your own projects or something else.

jarvis ai pricing
jarvis ai pricing
  • Want a girl’s name that starts with “R”?
  • Curious which business idea to come up with?
  • What should you call your business?
  • If you want to change your slogan, you can.

Jasper can help.

With this playground, you can put together all of your copywriting skills and techniques to make something truly amazing.

2) Free ai article writer Writecream AI ($59 Lifetime Deal)

Writecream is a cutting-edge AI-powered marketing tool that automates the writing of content for Google advertising, landing sites, product descriptions, blog posts, social media, and more. Writecream may also be used to create personalised, captivating introductions for outbound marketing campaigns.

Writecream ai content generator
Writecream ai content generator

The best ai writer for:

  • Creating a personalised email intro
  • Short copy.
  • Ad copy

Writecream is by far the best AI copywriter that does more than just write copy, and it’s the only one.

This is what I mean. To find out if you can:

  • Enter a URL and let AI write a very personalised copy for you.

The answer is:

With the help of Writecream, you can do this! For example, I only gave Writecream my website address, and it came back with personalised text:

Forget renaming Facebook; this is Meta. So, if I were you, I’d purchase the $59 LTD now before it’s gone. This deal provides you 200 credits a month (about 400,000 characters), which is enough to write 20 large blog entries or roughly 200 icebreakers per month.

Why is Writecream so incredible?

You can utilise Writecream to generate highly tailored introductions for your outreach efforts, which you can use to enhance response rates, by simply entering the address that you wish to outreach to. If you have a CSV file with contact information in it, you can use that to bulk-create outreach introductions.

When it comes to personalising your outreach, it doesn’t stop with emails that introduce you. You can do the following with Writecream:

Use the built-in Image Icebreaker template to create customised image emails.

Forget renaming Facebook; this is Meta. So, if I were you, I’d purchase the $59 LTD now before it’s gone. This deal provides you 200 credits a month (about 400,000 characters), which is enough to write 20 large blog entries or roughly 200 icebreakers per month.

Why is Writecream so incredible?

Personalized Email Outreach: You can utilise Writecream to generate highly tailored introductions for your outreach efforts, which you can use to enhance response rates, by simply entering the address that you wish to outreach to. If you have a CSV file with contact information in it, you can use that to bulk-create outreach introductions.

When it comes to personalising your outreach, it doesn’t stop with emails that introduce you. You can do the following with Writecream:

Use the built-in Image Icebreaker template to create customised image emails.

Personalized LinkedIn Outreach: It’s no secret that LinkedIn is becoming a powerful source of new leads, and Writecream hasn’t ignored it. All you need to do is enter the URLs of your prospects’ profiles and press create. As soon as you arrive, you’ll be given with a number of incredibly effective solutions.

Ready to try Writecream?

Get the Writecream Deal Now!

3) AI Text Writer CopyAI 

Clever content creation is at the heart of CopyAI’s mission. Therefore it is one of the best AI Writing Softwares. In order to develop market copy that conveys your brand’s message, tone, and voice, use CopyAI’s automatic creativity tools.

copyai key features

With CopyAI, you may get a free seven-day trial of their software without even having to submit your credit card information. Unlike most AI writing tools.

Copyai key features: Digital ad copy (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads), social media content (captions, topical ideas), website copy (e-commerce copy), sales copy, and whole blog articles may all be created with CopyAI’s interface.

Integrated templates UI: CopyAI’s integrated templates are one of my favourite features. It is difficult to run and compare distinct copies from different frameworks when using several of the AI content generation tools now available on the market. As a result, every time you run a different copy template for the same context, you must either type or copy-paste your context content again. Do this five to ten times, and you’ll immediately realise that these writing tools may be even better than they already are.

CopyAI, on the other hand, requires only a single entry of context information before your most recent context is automatically filled in. As a result, you can experiment with many frameworks until you find one that best reflects your brand’s personality and values.

copyai user experience
copyai user experience

Minimize Editor: While brainstorming or comparing material from several templates, the Minimize Editor feature comes in handy. Minimizing your document editor gives you more room to think when you’re brainstorming. This handy editor button is conveniently located in the right-center of your screen, making it easy to jump immediately into editing your material.

Exclusive Templates: CopyAI likewise includes some of the greatest and most exclusive templates for brainstorming and swiftly creating your copy. Exclusive Templates. Here are a few examples of pre-made designs:

  • Audience Refiner
  • Value Proposition
  • Brand voice generator
  • Testimonial Rewriter
  • Keyword Generator


These templates are excellent. This is an example of what you can expect to see when you run the keyword generator for a specific context.

Best AI content writers

It’s safe to say that this is impressive. The QUEST template was also run as a test because, well, why not?

Best AI content writers

How to grab a 7-day free trial of CopyAI

  • For a free trial of CopyAI’s copywriter, visit:
  • Copy.AI is the place to go.
  • Sign up with e-mail or Google.
  • Then write

It’s done! On the other hand, there is no need for a lengthy onboarding process. CopyAI’s welcome email sequences might also be beneficial when you’re having problems. CopyAI also provides live chat assistance, allowing you to speak directly with an agent. Even my favourite AI author, Jasper, lacks this support system.

Are you ready for free ai content writer?

Try CopyAI for Free for 7 Days!

4) Copymatic AI

You may get a sophisticated AI-based content generation tool for a low price with Copymatic AI. Even complete novices can use this application because of its user-friendly UI.

Best AI content writers

This AI-based content generation tool, as you can see, generates excellent results without a lot of effort on your part.

There are just five areas in the blog writer wizard that employ AJAX loading, so you can move to the next section fairly immediately without refreshing the page.

For blog intros, you can follow the wizard’s instructions and will come up with the following:

Blog Intros:

Best AI content writers

Blog Outlines:

Best AI content writers

When you get to step 5, the content part, you’ll find a suggestion to magically transform your outline into full-blown blog entries.

Best AI content writers

Your outlines are transformed into compelling content in a matter of minutes by hitting the “Yes, please” button.

Best AI content writers

To further customise the generated paragraphs, you can either split them down into individual sentences or create a list of them by hovering over the section.

Best AI content writers

Ready to try this AI writing tool? Try now.

5) Copysmith.

Copysmith distinguishes itself by providing straightforward collaborative capabilities that speed up content generation at scale. By eliminating third-party content management technologies, businesses can save time and money by using a team workflow queue to expedite input and approvals.

Copysmith ai

For copy generation, Copysmith employs the same techniques as other artificially intelligent writers. As a result, whether you’re looking to write online copy, sales page copy, social media material, or blog entries, this tool can help.

Favourite aspects about Copysmith: At the time of this writing, Copysmith is the only AI-based content generation tool that allows you to easily combine your Google Docs with the AI writer. Thus, from within your Google Docs editor, you’ll be able to modify or create Copysmith copy. Content Enhancer and Content Rewriter are the only two templates available in Google Docs right now.

Shopify App: Use the Shopify App to connect your copy generator to the Shopify platform. It’s time to say goodbye to putting in product descriptions from elsewhere. Connecting your Copysmith account to the app is as simple as logging in to your store’s app store and installing the app.

Simply open the Copysmith app, select a product, provide context information, and click produce to generate product descriptions. Within seconds, you’ll be presented with a variety of options. Select one, make a few adjustments, and then click the “Apply” button. Finally! Once you’ve included your product’s auto-generated copy, you’re ready to publish or amend.

Google Ads and the AI-powered outline generator Frase are both integrated with Copysmith’s platform.

copysmith pricing

Start Free Trial with Copysmith

6) Best Alternatives To Jasper.aiAnyword AI

It can be the best alternatives to Jasper.ai. You can use Anyword to quickly generate new ideas and write succinct copy. You may still utilise AI to create long-form content such as landing pages and blog articles through guided wizards.

Anyword AI has a number of unique features that I particularly appreciate:

Using a 0-100 scale, Anyword’s algorithms rate the possibility that a piece of generated copy would operate at its optimal level. Choosing between the 10 or so copy variants generated by AI content generators can take some time, and without any data to guide their judgments, users may be making mistakes time and time again.

Copy variations can now be selected based on their predicted performance scores, according to the Predictive Performance Score.

Best AI content writers

Starting at $19 a month, Anyword’s Business plan includes strong features like Predictive scoring and brand voice customization, which are currently only accessible in beta and can only be accessed through a demo.

Get a discount for Anyword.

7) Frase AI Writer

An outline builder and SERP analyzer have evolved into a complete content generation platform with a range of functions, including:

Content brief generator: Using Frase’s content brief generator, you can get an outline for your material in only a few minutes by crawling the web and scanning the top 20 search results for your query.

Best AI content writer

SERP Analyzer: It goes even further to provide more relevant insights, such as the most prevalent subheadings, the top results, connected data, and so forth. When you have access to these features, you may undertake research while you write or fine-tune your copy all in the same window.

AI Writer: When you have access to these features, you may undertake research while you write or fine-tune your copy all in the same window. With the SEO add-on on, AI Writer employs machine learning to generate extremely original and interesting text for your copy sections. In addition, you can run popular templates, such as:

  • AIDA
  • PAS
  • Blog Intros
  • Bullets to paragraphs
  • Explain Why
  • Feature Benefits

8)AI Blog Content Generator Texta AI

Texta AI has made an effort to provide a modern user interface with a wide variety of template options. The following are some significant examples:

  • Why/Try/Buy
  • Generator of Marketing Strategies
  •  (ACCA) (Awareness, Comprehension, Conviction, Action)
  • Video Intro Hook
  • Launch of Product Hunt
  • InTexta AI, you will use the Email template, and the result was will be just about right.

Finding material that I could use right away was a hassle, despite how much I liked the user design. To help the AI, I had to experiment with copy description and run multiple generations.

Texta AI, on the other hand, offers a free seven-day trial to see if it meets your demands. Using a credit card is not required. Start fiddling with Google or Email as soon as you join up.

Try Texta AI

9) Closerscopy

AI Copywriter Closerscopy is similar to Jasper in terms of what it can achieve and specialises at writing brief copy.

Closerscopy has a few things that particularly caught my eye:

Different writing modes: Using Closerscopy, you may quickly and easily choose between three different settings while creating a copy. SalesAI, BlogAI, and StoryAI are the three of them.

  • SalesAI: sales and social media text should be written in SalesAI mode to meet your various marketing needs
  • BlogAI: When writing SEO-friendly blog content, use this style.
  • StoryAI: Suitable for writing stories
Best AI content writers

How to Make AI-Generated Content

It’s possible for firms to deploy AI content helpers to boost sales and marketing growth in a variety of ways. There are a few of these:

  • Writing product description
  • Creating Sales page copy by utilising  given copywriting frameworks
  • Discussing product ideas, product names, brand positioning, marketing angles, and messaging

Write Product descriptions

Product descriptions are the type of thing that takes time to perfect, and here is an area where you may immediately feel the benefits of hiring an AI copywriter, especially if you have dozens of products to describe. It automates and accelerates the process of creating compelling product descriptions.

Now, if you’re creating product descriptions for Amazon, for instance, you want to instruct the AI on which features to emphasise.

Create Effective Teasers

When you promote your products and services, you frequently employ teasers to get visitors to visit your page. For instance, here are four areas where copy teasers can be used:

  • Social media posts
  • Blog post excerpts
  • Ad copy
  • Blog post and web page meta description

With the right inputs, AI Copywriting tools will be able to create excellent teasers in seconds  and the result will be far superior to one’s expectations:

9 best ai content generator software, tools and writers (free & paid)?

Key Points To Consider While Selecting an AI Blog Content Generator

When selecting an AI blog content generator, there are numerous critical variables to consider. These include the following:

Accuracy: This speaks about the software’s accuracy rate. If it generates high-quality text, it will be able to reproduce human language patterns correctly.

Speed: It should be quick enough to handle enormous volumes of work in a reasonable length of time. Otherwise, people will be hesitant to pay for something they might easily perform on their own.

User Interface: You want a user interface that is intuitive and simple to browse. Additionally, you must verify that all functionalities are appropriately labelled and accessible.

Support: Ascertain that any tool you choose offers detailed documentation and tutorials. Additionally, consider speaking with others who have tried the product prior to making a purchase.

How Does an AI Content Generator Function?

To have a better understanding of how AI content generators work, consider the GPT-3, a natural language processing model on which many AI writing tools are based:

How GPT-3 Functions

GPT-3 is the third generation of the GPT-n family of languages, an innovation made by Open AI. It is an acronym for Generative Pre-trained Transformer — 3), where n denotes the version, or more precisely, the generation. It is a more advanced version of GPT-2.

GPT-3 is an autoregressive language model that makes use of deep learning to determine the best method to create text that sounds natural and human-like.

An autoregressive model implies that the AI writing editors make predictions about future actions based on previous activities. GPT-3 employs pre-trained algorithms that have been intentionally fed a large amount of data (approximately 10% of the internet) and has a potential over 175 billion machine learning factors, resulting in generated content of such high quality that it’s difficult to tell the difference between AI and human-generated content.

As a language prediction AI, it understands how to generate language structures through the use of semantic analytics. This way, it examines words and their situational application in texts. It then produces the subsequent words one at a time. The data required to construct the material you require is gathered from the training texts.

To accomplish this, the algorithms analyse the usage of words and sentences, disassemble them in order to reconstruct them, and then utilise what they’ve learnt to anticipate the next logical words.

Thus, this is the technique through which all GPT-3-powered AI tools, such as Jasper AI and CopyAI, develop unique, persuasive copy for your diverse content requirements.

FAQs About Artificial Intelligence Content Generator Software

Will AI Content Generators Displace Human Writers?

Not at all. While these technologies can assist in the creation of native content, they fall short of developing unique content based on personal experimentation and research. Human authors will always have a place in the writing profession.

How does an AI writer create content?

Natural Language Generation (NLG) is used by an AI content generator to forecast the next logical sentence based on training texts and user inputs.

Is the content produced by AI unique?

Yes! Because these techniques generate content character by character, the content created by AI authors is distinctive ( word by word just like a human writer).


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