10 Best Mutual Fund Apps in India 2022

10 Best Mutual Fund Apps in India 2022
10 Best Mutual Fund Apps in India 2022

Are you wanting to start investing in mutual funds via mobile apps? Then, you’ll learn here. I’ll talk about the top ten mutual fund apps in India in 2022 today.

Everybody makes money. But what we all fail to do is properly handle the money. Many of us spend every penny of our income. However, it’s not right. Every person should put some of their money into investments. Mutual funds are an excellent alternative to the stock market, real estate, and gold as an investment. By making long-term investments in mutual funds, you can achieve financial stability.

A few years ago, we required the assistance of a stockbroker in order to invest in the stock market and mutual funds. However, thanks to advancements in technology, we can now track everything by investing in mutual funds from our smartphones. All we require is a bank account and the right information.

Through this article, I will talk to you today about the Top Mutual Fund Apps in India for 2022. Like you, I invest in mutual funds and the stock market. In addition to these, there are numerous other apps that make investing in mutual funds and the stock market simple.

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Best Mutual Fund Apps

You may download a lot of top mutual fund applications in India and make investments online. But the truth is that’s not the argument we’re making. I did a lot of research and discovered these mutual fund investing applications that were the most well-liked by consumers.

Mutual Fund AppsReferral BenefitsDownload Link
1. Upstox₹400Download Now
2. Groww₹100Download Now
3. Paytm Money₹300Download Now
4. Zerodha10% for lifetimeDownload Now
5. 5Paisa₹500Download Now
6. INDmoney₹500Download Now
7. PhonePe₹100Download Now
8. SBI Mutual FundDownload Now
9. HDFC Mutual FundDownload Now
10. ICICI Mutual FundDownload Now

1.Upstox Mutual Fund App

One of the most used investment applications in India is this one. In order to expand our money, we can use this software to invest in stocks, mutual funds, and initial public offerings. Using this software is quite simple for investors. It has an intuitive user interface. To invest in mutual funds or the stock market, you must first open an account here. The play store offers a variety of apps, including Upstox old and Upstox new. I believe the new Upstox app has the greatest and most user-friendly UI.

You will locate the “Mutual Funds” option under the “Discover” menu option in this app. You can invest in a variety of mutual funds mentioned on this app by selecting this option. Additionally, you have the option of investing in “Tax Saver Funds,” “Low Risk,” “Growth Booster,” “New Funds Offerings,” etc. You can begin with just $100.

You can begin investing in mutual funds by tapping on any available option. There are two possibilities. Get SIP and One Time going. After choosing the SIP frequency, date of the deduction, lock-in period, and amount, you may begin investing in mutual funds via the Upstox App. The greatest mutual fund app in India in 2022, in my opinion, is Upstox.

2. Groww Mutual Fund App

You probably already know about this programme if you have any knowledge of the stock market or mutual funds. One of the top mutual fund apps in India in 2022, in my opinion, is the Groww app. The interface of this software is really simple and user-friendly. I’ve used seven to eight of the greatest investment apps so far. I can promise you that this software has the most user-friendly UI. This programme can be used by everyone without any hesitation.

On this Groww app, you must first create an account. They’ll put $100 in your account as soon as you create one on this app. With this money, you can invest in learning new things for free. You can view all mutual funds available on this app by selecting the ‘Popular Funds’ option. On the “Collection” tab, you can also view more funds such as “High return,” “SIP with 500,” “Better than FDs,” “Tax saving,” “Top Companies,” “Sector Bets,” etc.

To begin investing in mutual funds, merely tap on any fund and then choose between “One Time” and “Monthly SIP.” After that, add funds and tap “Invest Now.” In the advanced option, you must choose the year, the monthly SIP date, and many other options.

3. Paytm Money Mutual Fund App

We are all familiar with the Paytm app. Ninety percent of us use UPI regularly. One of the most widely used UPI apps in India is Paytm. For investing in stocks and mutual funds, Paytm offers a second app called Paytm Money. Through this app, you can start investing in mutual funds for as little as $100. To begin investing, you must first establish an account.

The use of this mutual fund app is quite simple. The time it takes to create your account here is only 30 minutes. The entire process is paperless. Therefore, register for an account here and begin investing. Paytm Money, in my opinion, is among India’s top mutual fund applications for 2022. It’s because this app will provide you a 1% better return. Additionally, this application will pay Rs 300 for each new referral. There are no extra fees associated with it.

4. Zerodha Mutual Fund App.

The greatest stock and mutual fund app in India, in the opinion of many financial advisors, is Zerodha. It has numerous causes. One might be its most basic interface. It uses coins in some way. Anyone who already has a Zerodha account can easily log in here using that account.

You can start SIP at any time using Zerodha. Additionally, it will provide you with a choice to change your SIP information. The best investment app is Zerodha. There is no doubt as to why it is regarded as one of the top mutual fund apps in India as of 2022. You can start your SIP investment on the Tools page of the Kite by Zerodha mobile app. With this app, you will receive 300 reward points every referral along with 10% of the brokerage fees they pay.

5. App for 5Paisa Mutual Funds

5Paisa may be your best option if you’re looking for a different kind of mutual fund software. It has a lot of intriguing new features. These features include refer-a-friend incentives, VTT, and stock SIP. If you recommend a friend who creates a 5Paisa account, you will receive Rs 200 for free and 12.5% brokerage sharing.

This article focuses on the top mutual fund applications in India as of 2022. Therefore, it’s best to stick with it. Through the 5Paisa app, you can establish a SIP or mutual fund investment as well. In this scenario, you will be able to access the ‘Mutual Funds’ option under the User tab. From there, you can select the best and most well-liked funds and begin investing in a matter of minutes. Please bear in mind that depending on the type of mutual funds you select, the minimum investment is either Rs. 500, Rs. 100, Rs. 1000, or Rs. 150.

6. INDmoney Mutual Fund App, No. 6

INDmoney is the finest investing app that I enjoyed the most, except Paytm Money and Upstox. One of the reasons is that it will keep track of all of your investments, account balances, and net worth in one location. Only this software allows you to invest in Indian and US equities.

You may view your net worth under the INDmoney dashboard tab. They will determine it by reading your messages, and you can add additional information. This programme will also propose a few additional investment possibilities based on your age.

In the area of this app below, there is a Plus icon. You can easily invest with no commission in fixed deposits, mutual funds, US stocks, bonds, and Indian stocks by visiting this link.

High return, tax savings, gold, building wealth, short term, parking your cash, index funds, large-cap, mid-cap, Flexi cap, global funds, small-cap, NIFTY 50, NIFTY 100, liquid funds, etc. are some of the popular mutual fund options in this app.

You can view many different subcategories by selecting any of the available mutual fund options. Where they will display all detail conceivable, including risk preferences, market-beating returns, graphs, charts, the minimum investment amount, lump sum investments, systematic investments, etc.

7. PhonePe Mutual Fund App

In my daily life, I utilise this app a lot. This app is primarily used for recharge, bill payment, money transfers, etc. But now they are also changing. Through the PhonePe app, users may start minor deposits as well. You can choose from options including liquid funds, small-cap funds, tax-saving funds, digital gold, etc. via this app.

You can start encouraging your friends to download this app even if you don’t have any money to invest. You will receive Rs 100 in PhonePe wallet credit if they sign up using your link and complete their first payment. Through the PhonePe app, this money can be used to invest online, pay bills, or recharge mobile devices. Because of this, I believe PhonePe to be among the top mutual fund apps in India in 2022. In the PhonePe app, there are more than 200 mutual funds. You can easily start investing after selecting any option.

What is SIP?

SIP stands for Systematic Investment Plan in its entire form. This facility is provided by a mutual fund. It aids investors in making methodical financial decisions. SIP enables us to invest a set sum of money over a specified period of time. SIP might occur on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. A Time Investment or Monthly SIP can be started from any online mutual fund app.

SIP requires a minimum investment of Rs 100. Numerous mutual fund apps offer SIP adjustments. Because of this, you can always alter the investment date or amount. Because of the long-term benefits of compounding and regular investments, employing this can be advantageous.

Monthly vs. One-Time SIP

If you are familiar with mutual funds, you may be familiar with One-Time SIP and Monthly SIP. Before you decide to invest, your mutual fund app provider will always present you with these two choices.

Many newcomers found it a little challenging to understand. So allow me to explain. One Time SIP refers to when you invest in mutual funds with a certain amount but do not plan to make more payments in the future. However, a monthly SIP is what you get when you invest in mutual funds for a certain amount and plan to pay the same amount on a set date each month.

Because they want to invest the money automatically from their bank account, many users use the auto-pay option on the monthly SIP. According to what I’ve read, a monthly SIP must have a minimum investment of Rs 100 and a one-time SIP must have a minimum investment of Rs 5000. Not any more, though.

How Do I Buy Mutual Funds?

Investment in mutual funds is not too challenging. To get started, all you need is an account with a mutual fund app. For instructions on how to invest in mutual funds, see below:

  • Install any investment app you like.
  • Create a profile there.
  • Locate and select the Mutual Funds menu item.
  • Examine each of the funds mentioned and pick one.
  • Then choose between “Monthly SIP” and “One Time” as your payment choice.
  • Enter the desired amount and select “Review.”
  • If you choose “Monthly SIP,” choose the month, the SIP frequency, and the number of years to invest.
  • Fill up your bank information and check all the boxes.
  • Once all the information has been input, select “Place Order” from the menu.

Which is preferable: FD or mutual fund?

There is no question that mutual funds are superior to FDs. As you are all aware, FD stands for fixed deposits in its complete form. Basically, FD can be your best option if you don’t want to take any risks. Nevertheless, over time, you won’t get good profits. However, if you calculate and put your hard-earned money in mutual funds periodically, you will discover that your money is working incredibly hard for you over the course of 10 or 15 years.

I’d suggest becoming familiar with how things operate before beginning to invest. I had never invested in mutual funds before because I knew nothing about them. But now that I know it, I’ve begun buying stocks and mutual funds with my money. And with time, it began to work for me.

Is investing in mutual funds a wise idea?

Mutual funds are a good way to invest. But it all relies on you; the sort of mutual funds you select, the length of time you plan to invest, and the quantity of your investment are all extremely important.

Stocks and mutual funds will increase over time. In the next two to three years, you won’t get to witness any wacky results. However, if you invest a significant sum each month or year for a longer length of time, you will begin to see results 10, 15, or 20 years later.

Mutual Fund Apps FAQ

1.What is SIP’s full name?

SIP stands for Systematic Investment Plan in its entire form.

2. What is the bare minimum to begin a SIP?

SIP can be started for as little as 100 either once or once a month. While some programmes require a minimum purchase of 500 yen to begin, SIP does not.

3. Can I cancel my SIP at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your SIP at any moment. However, make sure that all of your SIPs are closed before proceeding to withdraw all or part of them. Also, stop any further SIPs.

4. How much money must be invested in mutual funds?

Depending on the kind of mutual funds you’ve selected. Some mutual funds have a Rs. 5000 minimum investment requirement, while others have a Rs. 500 or even Rs. 100 requirement. The least amount for a monthly SIP is Rs 100 or Rs 500, however the maximum funds will ask you to pay Rs 5000 if you plan to invest everything at once.

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