Best Trading Apps in India To Earn Money Without Investment

Best Trading Apps in India To Earn Money Without Investment

Best Trading Apps in India To Earn Money Without Investment

These days, anyone with a smartphone can trade from home. When anyone buys shares of a company, this is called a trade. Shares of a company are easy to buy and sell. Today, you’ll learn about the 10 best trading apps in India 2022 from this article. With these apps for trading on the stock market, it’s easy to buy shares in any company. If you make a good profit over time, you can sell shares and make a good profit.

Once upon a time, we needed the help of a stockbroker to trade stocks. But that time is over now. With the help of the best trading apps in India, you can now trade with ease.

You have to pay some fees (AMC Charges), but I think trading on the Stock Market through mobile apps is very helpful. It saves us time, so we can do better research and put our money to better use. The best trading apps in India for 2022 have a clean, easy-to-understand interface, no brokerage fees, and the fastest and most paperless way to open a Demat account.

How to Make Money with the 10 Best Trading Apps in India
Trading AppsReferral CommissionApp Link
1. Upstox₹200Download Now
2. Groww₹100Download Now
3. Paytm Money₹300Download Now
4. Zerodha10% CommissionDownload Now
5. 5Paisa40% CommissionDownload Now
6. IIFL Markets₹500 VoucherDownload Now
7. ShareKhan15% CommissionDownload Now
8. SBI Securities₹750 VoucherDownload Now
9. Angel Broking₹750 Amazon VoucherDownload Now
10. HDFC Securities₹500 Gift VoucherDownload Now
1.The app Upstox Pro Trading

If you want to find the best trading apps in India in 2022, you can read our article about the Upstox app. I think the best trading app in India is Upstox. There are many reasons for it. Let me tell you. You can trade shares, F&O, and equity derivatives with the help of Upstox Pro. It used to be called RKSV Securities, but now it goes by the name Upstox Pro. It has both a web version (called a “pro web platform”) and a mobile app that all users can use.

In the Watchlist tab, you can see the top 20 market caps. There will be more than one share shown here. You can buy any of the shares based on how much you can spend. You can invest in Stocks, Mutual Funds, IPOs, ETFs, etc. with the help of the many charts on this site. Upstox Pro has recently taken away the Gold investment option from its trading app.

This app has no fees for trading stocks and mutual funds. But for all intraday, F&O, commodity, and currency orders, you have to pay 0.05 percent or 20, whichever is less.

Upstox Invite and Earn

The Upstox Pro app has an offer to get people to use it. Use the “Upstox refer and earn” offer if you want to make money for free by telling your friends about it. For every new person you send to Upstox, you’ll get 200 in your wallet. If the person you told about Upstox opens an account, you’ll get 100 from them. If they trade for the first time, you’ll get another 100 from them. You will also get a 1,000 brokerage credit that will let you trade with no brokerage fees for the first 30 days.

You can move the money from your Upstox referrals to your bank account at any time. They will take 1-2 days, and then the Upstox team will pay you. You can join the Upstox Partner Program if you have a blog or upload videos to YouTube.

2. Groww Trading App

Groww is the best trading app for people who are just starting out. It’s one of the easiest trading apps in India, but it has a lot of power. It is a great app in terms of security and processing. You don’t have to pay anything to open a Demat account or a Trading account.

In the app, you can choose between Explore and Dashboard. Under the “Explore” tab, you can look at the “Advanced Charts” and see the prices of every stock, as well as the “Top Gainers” and “Top Losers,” all in one place. Through the Groww app, you can put your money into stocks and mutual funds.

In this Groww app, there are no costs to open an account or pay an AMC. For intraday, F&O, currency, and commodity trades, you have to pay 20 or 0.05 percent per day, whichever is less. Aside from this, you can take out 50,000 per day, which is 90% of the total amount invested.

Refer and Earn grew

People refer their friends to the Groww app to make money. You don’t have to spend money to make money with this app, but you can. If you have a lot of friends, you can just send them to the Groww app and get paid if they sign up through your link and open a Demat account. The person who joins through your link will get 100 cashback, and your Groww wallet will also get 100 cashback. You can use this money to buy stocks or mutual funds or put it in your bank account if you want.

3.  Paytm Money

This is another trading app. If you want to start making investments online, you can use the Paytm Money app to get started. You can invest your money in Stocks, Mutual Funds, F&O, IPOs, NPS, and other options through this trading app.

You won’t have to pay anything to open a Demat or Trading account. Also, you won’t have to pay any AMC Charges. In F&O, you have to pay 10 per order. You can start investing in stocks, mutual funds, and the NPS as soon as you download the Paytm Money app.

Paytm Money Refer and Get Paid

Right now, the Paytm Money app doesn’t have a way to invite friends. But soon, the Refer and Earn feature will be available in the Paytm Money app. But if you invite your friends to Paytm Money through OneCode, you will get 300 cashback for each new user.

4. Zerodha Trading App

Many new investors as well as experienced ones use this app as their first trading app of choice. I think that Zerodha is one of the best apps for trading in India in 2022. It has a lot of cool features and an interface that is easy to understand. Kite by Zerodha is another name for this app.


You don’t have to pay anything to open a Demat account on Zerodha. After setting up your Demat and Trading account on the Zerodha app, you can open it by entering your 6-digit PIN. In the watchlist tab, you can look at all the stocks and charts. If you have put money into the Zeordha app, the portfolio tab will show you all the shares you own. You can put your money into stocks, IPOs, SIPs, and mutual funds through this app.

Refer people to Zerodha and earn money

You can use the Zerodha referral offer if you want to earn brokerage sharing for the rest of your life. If you tell your friends and family about the Kite by Zerodha app, you’ll get 10% of the brokerage sharing for as long as they use the app. Also, for every person you bring in, you’ll get 300 reward points. You can put the money you make from your brokerage account into your bank account and use your reward points to pay for their paid services.

5.5Paisa Trading App

5Paisa is another great app for trading. We’ve had it for a long time. With this app, you can put your money into mutual funds, insurance, stocks, IPO, stock SIP, gold, IPO, loans, US stocks, and stock SIP. You can check the live chart, Nifty 50, Sensex, and a lot more with just one click on the app. You can look at all stocks on the tab for the margin calculator. Also, you can set a price alert and sell stocks at the best time with the price alert feature. I don’t think 5Paisa is one of India’s best trading apps because you have to keep a minimum balance of 100 and they charge 30 every month.

Best Trading Apps in India To Earn Money Without Investment

5Paisa Refer and Get Paid

If you have some friends, you can get free brand vouchers and up to 40% of the brokerage share for the rest of your life. You will get 500 in your 5Paisa wallet for your first referral. After that, if you refer up to 26 or more friends, you’ll get 12.5 percent, 25 percent, or even up to 40 percent of their brokerage shares.

6. IIFL Securities

This is another one of the best apps for trading in India 2022. IIFL is a big company in India that helps people with their money. It has a lot of different services. The IIFL Securities gives advice based on research for derivatives, commodities, currencies, initial public offerings (IPOs), loans, stocks, etc.

The IIFL Securities trading app doesn’t charge you anything extra to open a Demat account. This is one of the best trading apps in India, and there are no fees to open an account. They will charge a flat 20 per order for some segments. Also, every year you have to pay AMC fees. The annual maintenance fee is 200. You don’t have to pay anything for the first year, though.

Refer and Earn from IIFL Securities

This trading app also has an offer to get people to use it. If you tell a friend about us, you will get gift vouchers for free. If your friends join IIFL Securities through the link you give them and open a Demat account, you will get 500 for each successful referral.

7. ShareKhan Trading App

Since 1996, this is one of the oldest and best trading apps in India. It comes with a wide range of products that will help you build a portfolio with a lot of different types of investments. With the support of its advanced charts, you can do market research. With the option to get research reports, your investment decisions will keep getting better. This app doesn’t require you to make a minimum deposit. Inside the app, you can learn about stocks and mutual funds for free. You can’t trade around the world with the ShareKhan app. For equity delivery, you have to pay 0.50 percent, 10 paise per share, or 16 per scrip, whichever is less.

Referral Program for ShareKhan

If you tell a new friend about the ShareKhan trading app, you will get a 15 percent brokerage commission for a year. For your friend to get this commission, they need to open a Demat account on this trading app and trade in it. The more they invest, the more you will earn in brokerage fees. You will also have free access to TradeTiger for a year (ShareKhan desktop trading platform).

8. SBI Securities

All of us have faith in SBI. We all have bank accounts, but most of us have SBI bank accounts. SBI also has an app called SBI Securities for trading. You can start investing here by opening a Demat and trading account. They have a “Knowledge Center” option where you can read blogs and watch videos about stocks and mutual funds to learn more about investing. I think it’s a great choice for India’s first-time investors. They have a web platform and a mobile app. You can get their app and start making online investments right away. There are many ways to invest, such as stocks, options, mutual funds, ETFs, insurance, fixed income, initial public offerings (IPOs), loans, etc.

SBI Securities Refer and Earn (SBI Securities Refer and Earn)

If you get a new person to join SBI Securities because of your recommendation, you can get up to 750 in vouchers. On the referral page, you have to enter your PAN number and SSL employee code to make your unique referral link. If your friend uses your link to open a Demat account, you will get a 250 voucher. If your friends open a new account and trade three times in the first 60 days, you will get another 500 from them.

Difference Between Intraday Trading and Delivery Trading

Before you look for the best trading apps in India, you should learn how trading works. You can’t make money with online trading if you don’t have the basics down. So, it is better to learn the basics of trading and the difference between intraday trading and delivery.

Intraday Trading is what you do when you buy and sell shares on the same day. If you bought shares as part of Intraday Trading, and you don’t sell before the market closes, your shares will be sold automatically. The total amount of money that Intraday Trading is holding on to is zero. Day trading is another name for intraday trading. Traders who do this as their main job make money quickly. Through this method, you can make money quickly. On the other hand, you will also lose money. Intraday traders often have a target price in mind, and if their shares reach that price, they sell them.

During a Delivery Trade, all of the shares you bought will be added to your Demat account. Shares can be kept for as long as you want. If you think you can sell it and make money from it, then you can. Yes, it is true that Intraday Trading can help you make money quickly. Delivery Trading is a little less risky than Intraday Trading, though.

How to trade in Intraday?

  • First, open any app for trading.
  • Choose any stock.
  • Then choose the amount, maximum price, and type.
  • From the Type menu, choose “Intraday.”
  • Now, click “Buy.”
  • Don’t forget to sell your shares when you should.

How to do Delivery Trading ?

  • First, open any app for trading.
  • Choose any stock.
  • Then choose the amount, type, and maximum price.
  • Choose “Delivery” from the Type drop-down menu.
  • Now, click on “Buy” to buy shares.
  • Keep shares and sell them when the time is right.

FAQs: Best Trading Apps

1.What is the best trading app in India?

I started putting my money to work in 2019. Since then, I’ve used many trading apps, like Upstox, Groww, Zerodha, etc. Zerodha and Upstox, in my opinion, are the two best trading apps in India in 2022.

Can I get the whole amount out of Zerodha?

You can take out all the money in your withdrawal account. The Zerodha app has a minimum withdrawal amount of 100.

What is 5Paisa’s minimum balance?

The least you can have in 5Paisa is 100. Also, they will charge you 30 pounds every month.

  1. What is the refer-a-friend offer from Upstox today?

When your friend opens their Demat account through your link on Upstox, you will get 100. Also, you’ll get another 100 when they use the Upstox app to trade for the first time.

  1. How do the best trading apps help you make money?

With the best trading apps, you can make money by investing in Stocks, Mutual Funds, Gold, IPO, etc. Also, if you tell a friend about some of the best trading apps, such as Upstox, Groww, or Zerodha, you’ll get real money and a share of the brokerage fees for life.

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