Difference Between 3-Star and 5-Star AC 2022

Difference Between 3-Star and 5-Star AC 2022

Are you looking for the best air conditioner online but can’t get past the star ratings? Don’t worry, I’ll explain the difference between 3-star and 5-star AC in this post.

The summer is almost here. Installing an air conditioner is a smart choice, especially during the hot summer months in India. One benefit of having an air conditioner for your house in the summer is that it makes your home more comfortable when it’s very hot.

But when you buy an AC or other electronic appliance, you might see a few star ratings on the product. If you want to know what those star ratings mean, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll answer some of your questions about the star rating so that you can buy your appliances without any trouble.

The star rating is a system that shows how well that appliance works. The BEE, or Bureau of Energy Efficiency, gives this rating, which ranges from 1 to 5 stars. The star rating makes it easy for people to figure out how much power the AC needs to run.

Where can I find the star rating of an AC?

It’s not hard to find out how many stars something has. When you buy an electrical appliance, you might find a window-shaped BEE sticker with a curved top. On the part that is curved and has a red background, there are 5 stars printed. If only the 3 stars are shown in red, the AC or appliance has a 3-star rating.

3-Star AC vs 5-Star AC

In general, the more stars a product has, the better it works. When it comes to energy use, an air conditioner with 5 stars can cool your room more quickly and save more energy than one with 3 stars. This helps you save money on your utility bills. A 3-star AC also has a lower energy efficiency rating.

How much more electricity does a 5-star AC use than a 3-star AC?

You should know that a 5-star AC uses more electricity than a 3-star AC. This might help you understand the difference between the star ratings. Here is a table that shows how the star rating of an air conditioner changes based on how much space it cools.

Star Rating0.75 Ton1 Ton1.5 Ton2.0T on
3-star542 Watts747 Watts1104 Watts1448 Watts
5-star450 Watts554 Watts840 Watts1113 Watts

Does the number of stars on an AC affect how much it costs?

To make an AC more energy efficient, the design parameters must be changed. For example, the airflow should be increased, the copper tubes should be bigger, and a high-efficiency compressor should be used. Because of these programs, an AC with 5 stars costs more than one with 3 stars.

The pros of a 5-star AC

A 5star AC is better in many ways than a 3star AC. Here are some good things about a 5-star AC:

  • A 5-star AC has a bigger condenser, which makes heat exchange better. Because of this, it makes less heat than a 3-star AC.
  • ACs with 5 stars are more efficient than those with 3 stars.
  • Consumes less energy
  • A 5-star AC can cool your room down more quickly.
  • It comes with better, more useful features.

Should I buy a 3 star AC?

After seeing all the good things about a 5-star AC, you might wonder if a 3-star AC is still a good choice over a 5-star one. As you already know, nothing is perfect. One problem with 5star AC is that it’s expensive. If you live in a hot and humid climate all year and use your air conditioner for more than 12 hours a day, you should think about getting a 5-star air conditioner.

But if you live in a place where the temperature difference between outside and inside isn’t that big, you might want to buy a 3-star unit. Also, 3star is less expensive, and this includes how much it costs to keep up.

Why does AC use more electricity?

So many different things can make your air conditioner use more electricity. Here are just a few:

  • To work well and efficiently, an air conditioner needs to be serviced regularly. If you don’t take care of your AC, small problems can turn into big ones, which could affect how well it cools.
  • If you set the air conditioner to a lower temperature, the compressor has to work longer, which could use more power.
  • The air conditioner needs more power to cool a room with more people in it.
  • AC also uses more electricity because the room is bigger. For example, a 1.5 Ton AC in a 100 sq. ft. room will use less electricity than a similar AC in a 180 sq. ft. room.
  • How much power your AC uses depends on how many and what kinds of appliances you have. Since all electronic devices give off heat, a room with a lot of them would make your air conditioner use more power.
  • The air conditioner will also use more energy if the temperature where you live is high. When it’s 42°C outside, it takes more power to cool a room than when it’s 35°C outside.

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How to Figure Out AC Power consumption?

It’s not hard to figure out how much AC power something uses. With a simple formula, it is easy to figure out the AC. But before you do that, you need to know the rated power of your appliance, how long it runs every day, and how many days are in a month (30 or 31).

So the amount of power that AC will use is

rated power of the appliance (Kw)the number of hours it runs every daythe number of days in the month = units per month

To figure out how much electricity the AC uses, multiply the number you get from the above formula by the cost of one unit of energy.

So, to figure out how much the AC will cost in electricity, multiply the number of units used each month by the cost of one unit of energy.

FAQs: 3 Star vs 5 Star AC

1.What is the best air conditioner for a home?

If you’re looking for something to use at home, you have a lot of options. Most of the time, a window air conditioner is enough to cool down a small room. If you need to cool down a larger space, however, you should choose a split air conditioner. In the same way, it’s a great deal to buy an AC with an inverter instead of one without one.

2. How do I choose an air conditioner for my home?

To choose a home air conditioner Choose a size that works for the size of your room and your budget, and also look at the number of stars and the price.

3. Does it matter how many stars an AC has?

Star rating is one of the most important things to think about when buying an AC or any other kind of appliance because it tells you how efficient it is and how much energy it uses.

4. What does ISEER stand for in an AC?

ISEER stands for the Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, and it will be required in 2018.

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