Groww App Referral Code 2022 | Earn ₹100 Rewards in Groww Balance

Groww mutual fund App review
Groww mutual fund app review

Hello Guys,  I’ll talk about the Groww App Referral Code today. I’m sure you’ve all already heard about this Groww Mutual Fund App. So, if you want to know How To Start Investing Through Groww Mutual Fund App and How To Refer & Earn Through Groww App, then read this article.

You need an account in this app to start investing through Groww. Here, you can invest in mutual funds, stock funds, and other types of funds.

You already have read about PhonePe Liquid Funds on this site. There is only one way to invest, and that is through the Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund. But you can invest in popular mutual funds like Aditya Birla Sun Life through the Groww App.

Groww App made a list of the best companies to invest in with a mutual fund. All of which are listed below.

  • The Axis Bluechip Fund Direct Plan-Growth.
  • Mirae Large Cap Direct-Growth Asset Fund.
  • Direct-Growth Kotak Bluechip Fund.
  • Direct-Growth ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund.
  • SBI Bluechip Direct Growth Plan.

In the Groww Mutual Fund App, you can look at the size, rating, growth, graph, etc. of all the mutual funds.

Download Groww APP

Groww AppSummary
Sign-Up Bonus₹100
Referral Bonus₹100
Referral CodeSUVAM7047483
Download LinkClick Here
Maximum Limit₹1,00,000 (every month)

Groww is a mutual fund app that you can use online to buy digital gold, stocks, funds, etc. It works quickly and is safe. You can join Groww Mutual Fund App and make an account from your phone.

If you haven’t signed up for the Groww app yet, you can do so now and get 100 in your Groww account. Not only that, but the Groww Invite & Earn Offer lets you earn up to 100,000 every month. Both the person who made the referral and the person who got it will get 100 Groww Balance. It means you have a great chance of making a lot of money if you tell your friends and family about Groww App Referral Code.

How to Invite People to Groww and Get Paid?

  • First, click on the link above to get the Groww Mutual Fund App.
  • Open App >> Log in using Gmail ID.
  • Now enter the phone number that is linked to your Aadhar card and confirm it with an OTP.
  • Type your PAN card number.
  • Check the details on the Pan Card before accepting it.
  • Type in your date of birth, gender, job, and annual income.
  • Type in the name of your father or mother.
  • Choose the bank account where you want your Sign-Up and Referral Balance to be deposited.
  • Type your bank account number
  • They will send Rs1 to make sure it is real.
  • Post a copy of your bank statement (Photo of first page or a cancel Cheque). If you have entered Payments Bank details, upload a screenshot or digital statement.
  • You can add a nominee or skip this part.
  • Take a photo and then upload your PAN and Aadhar photos.
  • Complete a Digital Signature. Enter the Aadhar OTP again.
  • Now, a scratch card has been added to your Groww app. Just scratch it, and 100 will be added to your account.
  • It can sometimes take up to 24–48 hours. But users often get their 100 Groww Sign-Up and Referral Balance right away.

Groww Refer and Earn Terms and Conditions

  • The Groww referral programme is for users who have invested through the Groww app.
  • When your friend SignUp and open a Stock account, you’ll get 100 as a reward.
  • You and your friend will each get 100 when your friend’s documents are verified and their stock account is activated.
  • You won’t get any reward until their stock account is up and running.
  • Groww’s referral programme will run until January 30, 2022.

Groww App Review

Groww is a good choice if you want to start putting money into mutual funds. This app is safe and secure in every way. Groww said that the user’s information is 100% safe. They have also said that 256-bit encryption is used to store all personal information. You can find more information on their site.

Many people like to invest in the Groww app since it allows them to start investing from anywhere and at any time. You have to make a paperless account the first time you use it. You don’t have to send them any paper forms or fill them out.

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How to Sign Up for the Groww Mutual Fund App

To sign up for the Groww Mutual Fund App, you have to do a few simple things.

  • First, get Groww App and put it on your computer.
  • Sign up with Google or a different email address.
  • Enter your phone number, and then use the OTP to confirm.
  • Enter the number on your PAN card and confirm your name.
  • Now, put in your Bank IFSC Code and details about your Bank Account.
  • Send in the nominee’s name and how you know them.
  • Done! Your Groww App account has been set up correctly.

Several options for mutual funds

There are a lot of ways to invest in the Groww Mutual Fund App. Only a few of them-

  • Profits are high.
  • Tax Saving.
  • FD is better.
  • Use 500 to SIP.
  • Gold Funds.

You can start investing in Groww Mutual Fund App with a one-time investment or a monthly SIP. If you choose “One-Time Investment,” you can start with as little as 5,000 in India. If you choose monthly SIP, you can start with as little as Rs 500.

How to Purchase Stocks?

The Groww app makes it easy to buy stocks. But you need a Demat account in India and money in your Groww balance before you can do this. If your Groww wallet is empty, you can add money to it and keep going, or you can use the amount you got from a referral to buy stocks.

  • First, look for a Stock or choose one from the Explore tab.
  • Tap on Buy.
  • Enter Qty and choose either NSE or BSE.
  • Click “Buy Now.”
  • On the Dashboard tab, you will be able to see your Stock.

How To Start SIP?

Starting a SIP with the Groww Mutual Fund App is quick and simple. You have to take a few steps before you can start investing in Groww App.

  • First, click on the button that says Explore Mutual Funds.
  • Look for or pick a mutual fund that you want to start SIP with.
  • Go with “Monthly SIP.”
  • Type in how much you want to invest.
  • Use UPI, Netbanking, or a Bank Transfer to pay (NEFT).

So, a SIP can be set up in Groww App in a few easy steps.

Invest in Mutual Fund

Like SIP, investing in Groww App is very easy.

  • Open the Groww App and choose a mutual fund.
  • Choose either Monthly SIP or Once.
  • Type the amount (minimum Rs 5000 for One Time).
  • You can pay the money through UPI, Bank Transfer, or Net Banking.

How to Withdraw Money from the Groww App?

Follow the instructions below if you wish to withdraw funds from the Groww Mutual Funds App. Please keep in mind that it will take some time for your bank to show that you have asked to withdraw money. Most of the time, it takes 3–4 days, so don’t worry after submitting a withdrawal request.
Also, if you put money into a Tax Savings Fund, it can’t be touched for 3 years.

  • Open Groww Mutual Fund App.
  • Tap on the option for Dashboard.
  • Choose the Mutual Fund from which you want to get your money back.
  • Then press the button labelled “Redeem.”
  • Enter the amount you want to spend.
  • Now, click the “Confirm Withdrawal” button.

How to Add Money to the Groww Mutual Fund App?

Groww started adding money offers, just like other popular apps. A few days ago, Amazon started offering “Add Money.” Many people took advantage of these kinds of deals to get cash back.

Read the steps below if you don’t know how to add money to Groww App.

  • Open Groww App.
  • Tap the icon that looks like a person’s face, then tap “Add Money.”
  • Type in the amount and click “ADD MONEY.”
  • If you don’t want to use the default method of payment, click “More Options.”
  • After that, pay using PhonePe, other UPI apps, Bank Transfer via NEFT/RTGS/IMPS, Net Banking, etc.
Groww lets you add a bank account.
  • Start by starting the Groww app.
  • Tap the picture of your profile.
  • In the “My Account” tab, click on “Bank and Autopay.”
  • Tap the option to “Add Another Bank.”
  • You can search for Bank by name or choose from the options below.
  • Type in your bank account number and confirm your bank.
  • They will put £1 in your bank account to make sure it is real.
  • If you’ve entered the right information, the bank account will be added.
  • After that, it’s easy to get rid of another bank or make any of them the main bank.

Groww App Rewards Offer

Groww App Referral Code 2022

If you have a few followers, you can make money with Groww App without putting any money into it. I like everything that this Groww App Referral Code has to offer. Because if I invite a friend, I can make some extra money.

You can get up to Rs 10,000 per person you invite. This is similar to the Google Pay Invite and Earn Offer in a lot of ways. When a friend uses your invite code to sign up for Groww App, you will get a Green card. Follow the official terms and conditions for Groww App to find out more.

  • Open Groww App.
  • Click on “You” in the box below.
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap “Invite and Earn Rewards.”
  • Click “Share on WhatsApp.”

FAQ: Groww App Referral

1.How do I add money to the Groww app?

If you tap on the profile picture, you can add money to the Groww app. Here, you’ll see a button that says “Add money.” Just put in the amount, and you’ll be able to pay.

2. How do I use net banking to add money to the Groww app?

First, tap on the icon with your picture on it, and then tap on “add money.” Here, you will see a button that says “more options.” To add money by net banking, just tap on it and choose “net banking.”

3. What is Groww’s “invite and earn” offer?

If you tell your friends about the Groww app and they use your invite link to open a Demat account, you will get 100 added to your Groww balance. You can take the Groww referral amount out of your account or invest it in stocks or mutual funds.

4. How do I withdraw money from the Groww app?

First, tap on the icon that looks like your profile picture, and then check your total balance. Here, you will see a button that says “Withdraw.” Tap that and enter the amount, or tap “Withdraw All” to take out the entire balance. Within 48 hours, the money will be deposited into the bank account listed below.

5. When will “My Rewards” be unlocked in the Groww app?

When their stocks account is turned on, they will be able to get the rewards. Once they sign up and open an account for stocks, you’ll get 100 added to your Groww balance.

6. What does Groww SignUp offer?

People who use Groww for the first time will get 1 in their Bank account and 100 in their Groww balance.

7. Why doesn’t my Groww account have the “Share and Invite” button?

The reason the Groww share and earn option isn’t in your account is because you haven’t put any money into it yet. People who have invested money through the Groww app are eligible for the referral programme.


This Groww App Review was written because I’ve been using it for a month. So far, my time with this app has been great. Groww App is a good choice if you want to start investing in mutual funds.

In Groww Mutual Fund App, you can start a SIP once or every month. If you only want to do it once, you can begin with as little as Rs 5000. But you can start investing in Monthly SIP with as little as Rs 500.

A lot of people don’t want to invest. You can also use a Groww referral offer in this situation. If you tell your friends or family about your Groww Referral Code and they sign up, you can also make money.

Mark this site as a favourite if you want to learn more about exciting deals like the Groww Mutual Funds App. Follow me on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter to learn more about me. Thank you for coming.

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