HostGator Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More

HostGator Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More

Choosing the right web hosting platform for your needs can be a time-consuming job that’s easy to put off. HostGator is a popular web hosting platform that offers low prices, 24/7 customer service, and a variety of web hosting options, such as WordPress hosting and e-commerce tools.

You need a web hosting server if this is your first time building a website or if you want your business to have an online presence. This important step might be the last thing on your to-do list if you own a business. HostGator is a well-known option that has one of the most affordable plans on the market, great customer service, and a longer-than-average time period for getting your money back. Read our full review of HostGator to find out if it’s the right choice for you.


  • Affordable
  • Unlimited storage included for basic hosting
  • 45-day money-back guarantee period


  • Expensive short-term plans
  • No Linux servers option

At a Glance: HostGator

HostGator has three shared web hosting plans with prices that are competitive. 

The company also has special deals for new customers. For example, your first contract could cost as little as $2.75 per month. 

When your offer is over, the price of the service goes back to what it was before.

You can choose between making payments once a year or every month. 

Here’s how each plan’s price is broken down:

Hatchling plan:

  • $10.95 per month for the month-by-month plan
  • $8.95 per month for the annual plan (one payment of $107.40)
  • $6.95 per month for the three-year plan (one payment of $250.20)

Baby plan:

  • $11.95 per month for month-by-month plan
  • $11.95 per month for the annual plan (one payment of $143.40)
  • $9.95 per month for the three-year plan (one payment of $358.20)

Business plan:

  • $16.95 per month for the month-by-month plan
  • $16.95 per month for the annual plan (one payment of $203.40)
  • $14.95 per month for the three-year plan (one payment of $538.20)

The Hatchling plan gives you one website, a domain, an SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, WordPress instals, and transfers between WordPress and cPanel. The Baby plan is one level up from the Hatchling plan. It has the same features as the Hatchling plan and lets you have as many websites as you want. In addition to these features, the Business Plan includes a free upgrade to Positive SSL, a dedicated IP, and SEO tools.

Like many other web hosting services, HostGator has good deals for new customers. For example, with the Hatchling plan, you can lock in a rate of $2.75 per month for the first three years, $3.45 per month for the first two years, or $3.95 per month for the first year.

HostGator has WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated hosting as options for hosting. If you own a business, you know how stressful it can be when your website is down or having problems. HostGator has a number of ways to help customers, including a blog, a knowledge base, and live chat.


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Best of

Other Benefits

When you spend $25, HostGator will match it with $150 in advertising credits for Google Ads. It also lets you spend $25 and get $100 in Microsoft Advertising credits.

Fine Print

It’s important to know that even though the introductory offer is a great deal, the prices go up when they go back to normal. HostGator does not offer e-commerce hosting, so if you need a website for an online store, you may want to look at other hosting options.

How HostGator Stacks Up

HostGatorA2 HostingGoDaddy
Lowest Standard Price$6.95 per month$2.49 per month$5.99 per month
Money-Back Guarantee Period45 days30 days30 days
Basic Plan StorageUnlimited100 GB SSD100 GB SSD

In terms of price, A2’s basic plan, which costs $2.49 per month on a 36-month plan, is the least expensive. HostGator’s basic web hosting plan comes with unlimited storage, while A2 Hosting and GoDaddy’s basic plans are limited to 100 GB SSD. This is the norm for basic web hosting plans.

Web hosting companies usually offer a 30-day money-back guarantee as well. HostGator has a more flexible policy. You can try their service for 45 days before you get a full refund.

Is HostGator the right choice for you or your company?
Overall, HostGator has a good balance between price, features, and how easy it is to use. Because it comes with so many tools for hosting and managing your own website, it’s a good one-stop-shop for people who are just starting out. HostGator also stands out from its competitors because its customer service is very helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kinds of web hosting services are there?

There are many kinds of web hosting services, but shared, VPS (virtual private server), and dedicated are the most common. Shared is the most popular option because it’s the cheapest. VPS and dedicated hosting, on the other hand, offer more site security and better website performance. This makes them a better choice for large, well-known websites.

How do I close my HostGator account?

Through the account portal, you can cancel your plan at any time. You can also put your plan on hold with HostGator.

Is HostGator a good host for WordPress?

Yes. The shared hosting plan from HostGator includes free WordPress installations. This makes it easy for HostGator users to use WordPress. The company also offers WordPress-specific hosting for a slightly higher price. The Starter Plan costs $5.95 per month for three years as an introductory offer, and it costs $9.95 per month after that. With its built-in tools and plugins, WordPress makes it easy to build a website. Small business owners and people making their first website often choose WordPress.

What does shared hosting mean?

Shared hosting is the most common type of hosting for small and medium-sized businesses, blogs, portfolios, and websites that don’t get a lot of traffic. Shared hosting is the least expensive option. It has more than one website on the same server and uses the same amount of bandwidth.

How is WordPress hosting different from web hosting?

Shared hosting is the most common option for people who want to build a website but don’t expect a lot of traffic. It’s the cheapest hosting plan, and it lets many websites share the same server and bandwidth. On the other hand, some web hosting platforms, like HostGator, offer a feature called “WordPress hosting,” which is made just for WordPress. It comes with WordPress already installed and keeps WordPress up to date by itself.

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