How To Earn Money From Home in India 2022 (Without Investment)

How To Earn Money From Home in India 2022 (Without Investment)
Earn Money From Home in India

Hello, guys! I hope you’re all doing well and staying healthy. In this article, I’ll talk about how to make money from home in India without spending any money. Read this article if you are a student and want to make money online without spending any money.

Who wouldn’t want to make money while staying in their pyjamas? Even more so right now, when most people are scared to go to work. With the help of the internet, we can make money from a wide range of sources while staying at home and spending nothing. The best part is that we don’t have to go to interviews or have any qualifications to make money online, and we can do it from home in India without spending any money.

But we should remember that it will take a while. In some cases, it takes one month, in others it takes six months, and in others it takes a whole year to make your first dollar online.

There are many ways to make money online from home, such as blogging, YouTube, creating content for Facebook, writing content, freelancing, affiliate marketing, etc.

Best way to earn money online in india

How To Earn Money From Home in India

Because of the Internet, it is now much easier to make money from home. We can make good money if we work hard and use different social media apps and online sites. People can make a lot of money these days by making videos for Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. On the other hand, someone can make money if they become a Google Ads Expert or use Google AdSense. The best thing about making money online is that you don’t need to tell anyone how you do it. We can work at any time.


Everyone knows a little bit about blogging. A blog is what you are reading right now. Anyone can make a blog if they want to. And you can make money by writing for it from home. With Blogger and WordPress, we can start a blog. If you use Blogger to start a free blog. But if you use WordPress to start a blog, you have to pay for the domain, hosting, and theme. There are, of course, many good reasons to start a WordPress blog. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful with a free Blog.

There are many ways to make money from a blog, such as Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorships, etc. Blogs are a way for many people to make money through web development, website sales, and even SEO services. So, if you blog for one to two years, you will be able to use your experience to make money online in some way.

2. YouTube Channel

YouTube is another great way for people to earn money online in india from home. For blogs, we have to write content, and for YouTube, we have to make videos. To make money on YouTube, we must first make a YouTube Channel with 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of Watch time. We only need one popular YouTube video to finish this. Then we can try to get Google AdSense. If our channel doesn’t have any strikes or content that misleads, ads will start to show up on videos in about two to three days.

We can make money in many ways with the YouTube Channel. Like Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorships, etc. Also, if we know a lot about a certain topic, we can use YouTube to make money by making a course about it and selling it.

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3. Social Media Influencer

People’s lives have become much better because of social media. At least once a day, we all use social media apps. Now, more people, especially students, want to make their own content than they did in the past. We can make money as content creators on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Quora, among other well-known social media apps.

4. Facebook Influencer

People didn’t want to use Facebook as much when YouTube became more popular. But when Facebook made it possible to make money off of videos, many people started making content to sell on Facebook. Now, there are a lot more people in India making local content on Facebook. You can make a page on Facebook and use videos, Facebook ads, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing to make money. Also, many people make money by making a Facebook page and selling it to someone else. Many people also make money by promoting other people’s pages on their own page.

5.Instagram Influencer

We can make money on Instagram by becoming “influencers,” just like we can on Facebook. A few months ago, Instagram added a feature called “Reels.” Because of this, a lot of new Instagram users are getting known by making Instagram Reels. We can set up a Page on Instagram and post photos, videos, and IGTV videos to it. Instagram doesn’t have a direct way to make money. But most companies ask Instagram influencers to spread the word about their brand. We can make money on Instagram through things like sponsorship, affiliate marketing, business services, and so on.

6. LinkedIn Influencer

LinkedIn is a platform that almost every company’s HR, CEO, and MD use. LinkedIn can help you a lot if you are looking for a freelance job or a full-time job. You can do this by putting out content about a certain subject. People from a company or organisation will offer you a freelance job if they like what you write. You can write about different things on LinkedIn, like how to edit videos, how to blog, the stock market, growth hacks, etc.

7. Affiliates Marketing

About affiliate marketing, we all have a few ideas. Almost all e-commerce sites, domains, hosting sites, and even some apps and affiliate marketing opportunities are now based on cloud computing. Affiliate marketing is a way to make money if you have a large following on YouTube, a blog, or a social media page. For some affiliate networks, we need to get permission. Like Amazon, an affiliate of Flipkart, an affiliate of Myntra, GoDaddy, etc. But if we want to, we can easily do affiliate marketing through third-party networks like EarnKaro.

One problem with affiliate marketing through third-party affiliate networks is that the commission isn’t very high and there isn’t a cookie policy. Because of this, the income is much less than it could be. So, the best way to get involved in affiliate marketing is through the official websites.

8. Telegram Channel

A lot of people use the Telegram app every day. Some people use it to get study materials, and others use it to get different videos. Many people again use the Telegram app to get deals and offers from different places. You can also make a Telegram Channel. You can even make money there.

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