How To Join Paytm Affiliate Program in 2022 | Paytm Affiliate Marketing

How To Join Paytm Affiliate Program in 2022 | Paytm Affiliate Marketing

How To Join Paytm Affiliate Program

Paytm is one of India’s most popular payment apps. There are numerous Paytm apps, including Paytm, Paytm Bank, Paytm Mall, Paytm First Games, etc. In this blog post, I’ll explain how to do the Paytm Affiliate marketing registration.

Paytm does not have a direct affiliate programme, thus we cannot sign up for Paytm Affiliate directly, as we do with Amazon, Flipkart, etc. However, there are numerous Paytm Affiliate Alternatives that may be used to Paytm Affiliate Register swiftly.

Through Paytm Affiliate’s invite and earn, Paytm App affiliate, and Paytm Mall Affiliate Marketing, you can earn money.

You can easily join Paytm Affiliate Alternatives by providing your name, email id, mobile number, and source of traffic. I believe that these affiliate websites will be of great assistance in advertising Paytm Mall products in an effort to earn money.

How To Join Paytm Affiliate Program


Earning optionsDescription
1. Affiliate MarketingBy making Facebook Pages or Groups, we can do Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing like Amazon Affiliate Marketing, Meesho, EarnKaro, and Cuelinks is how most people make money.
2. Meesho AffiliateThe affiliate of the Meesho App helps a lot of people, especially women, make a lot of money. With this app, you can get a commission of the sale of clothes, jewellery, and other items.
3. Facebook MarketplaceWe can sell a variety of things in the Facebook Community through Facebook Marketplace.
4. Facebook AdsWith the help of Facebook Ads, we can make money by making a Facebook Page and video, just like we can on YouTube.
5. Page SellingMany people who know a lot about Facebook Pages make different pages and get people to follow them so they can sell that Facebook Page and make money.
6. Course SellingMany Creators, especially Digital Marketers or Teachers, make online courses and sell them with the help of Facebook. And because of this, a lot of people buy this kind of online course.
7. SponsorshipsWe can get a lot of Sponsorships if the Facebook Page or Group is about a specific topic and has a lot of Followers.
8. Traffic RedirectionIf we get a few more Followers on our Facebook Page, we can use those Followers to drive traffic to our Blog or YouTube Channel. Then we can use Google AdSense to make money on YouTube and our blogs.

If you have a blog, website, YouTube channel, or Telegram channel, you can make money by marketing things through affiliate networks. Paytm does not offer a direct affiliate registration option; hence, we must join Paytm Affiliate via third-party websites or applications.

Affiliate NetworksCommission
CuelinksUp to 1.42% / Sale
EarnKaroUp to 2% / Sale
AdmitabUp to 3% / Sale
VcommissionUp to 2.5% / Sale
ZingoyUp to 3% / Sale
AffoyUp to 1.5% / Sale
iRefersUp to 2.25% / Sale

CueLinks Affiliate Program

Cuelinks is currently utilised by a significant portion of the population. Through CueLinks, many people earn money by joining the Affiliate programmes of websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and Paytm Mall.

Paytm Mall has an extensive selection of products, including Smartphones, Laptops, Headphones, Televisions, Fashion Products, etc. By registering for the Paytm Affiliate Program through Cuelinks, we can earn a commission of up to 4.50 percent.

The best feature of CueLinks is its 30-day cookie duration. Joining CueLinks Bot enables you to distribute product URLs with a single click if you like to engage in Paytm Affiliate Marketing via Telegram. If we engage in Paytm Affiliate Marketing using CueLinks, we can earn 1% commission on laptops, cellphones, Mini PC & Printers, and other categories at 0.75 %, 1.88 %, 3 %, and 4.50 %, respectively.

CueLinks Refer and Earn

Register On CueLinks

This affiliate website also offers a refer-and-earn programme. If you invite your friends to join CueLinks, you will receive 25% of their purchases for the next three months. Bloggers may utilise CueLinks banner advertisements to increase the number of clicks on their CueLinks Referral Link.

The CueLinks referral programme is only available to approved users. Each month, the commission will be automatically deposited into your account.

  • Open CueLinks Website or App.
  • Select three lines.
  • Refer and Earn >> Copy Link.
  • Share the invite link for CueLinks on WhatsApp and other social media platforms to increase clicks.

Affiliate Program for Paytm Through EarnKaro

Download the EarnKaro App

EarnKaro is another excellent Paytm Affiliate start-up tool. Since I began using EarnKaro in 2019, I have found this programme to be quite useful. EarnKaro can be accessed exclusively through its website, if desired. There is no requirement to install the EarnKaro app.

The majority of customers utilise EarnKaro to launch affiliate marketing on WhatsApp for Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra products. However, you can also promote products from other websites, including Paytm Mall. But you cannot always create Paytm Mall products profitable links. EarnKaro does not always provide Paytm Mall products. You must thus routinely check EarnKaro Profit Rates to see if Paytm Mall has been included.

EarnKaro Affiliate Marketing can generate between 1 and 40 percent profit. By inviting friends to this app or website, you can earn money for life.

EarnKaro Referral

If you share your EarnKaro invitation code, you will receive 10% of your friends’ profits forever.

Launch the EarnKaro application.

My Referrals >> My Profile.

Refer and Earn Permanently >> Share Invite Link.

Admitab Affiliate Community

Admitab is an additional excellent option to begin Paytm Affiliate Marketing. Here you may easily register and establish an account. After registering on this website using your name, email address, password, mobile number, date of birth, and traffic source, you will be able to access the Afmitab Affiliate Network.

In addition to Paytm, you may also promote products from other websites. Many brands, including OYO, Lenovo, AJIO, Croma, Samsung, Bata, LimeRoad, and Myntra, have been added to this website. You may easily generate money by promoting the products on our website.

Vcommission Affiliate Network

This affiliate network is utilised by numerous affiliate marketers to advertise items. As everyone is aware, there is no direct way to become a Myntra or Paytm Affiliate. However, we can utilise affiliate networks from third parties to advertise Paytm and Myntra products. Vcommission is one of India’s leading affiliate sites.

To promote products from websites such as Paytm and Myntra, you must first register with Vcommission.

Open the Vcommission affiliate registration link and complete the registration form.

Two to three days are required for approval.

Create affiliate links and distribute them on your blogs, YouTube channels, and social media sites.

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Zingoy Affiliate Program

Download Zingoy Website

Zingoy is an additional method for promoting Paytm Mall products and signing up for the Paytm Affiliate Program. In addition to Paytm, you may promote products from Flipkart, Amazon, Ajio, Myntra, Beardo, AJIO, MakeMyTrip, Big Bazaar, etc.

By registering on Zingoy’s official websites, you can promote Paytm Mall products on Zingoy. Zingoy also has an Android App. It facilitates the creation of links and their promotion on social media platforms. Particularly the links that are only valid for a few hours.

Additionally, you can make money with Zingoy by referring friends. Simply mention your friends and you’ll earn 10% cashback on their purchases. Additionally, your friend will receive 25 as a joining bonus.

The most reward you may receive for recommending friends is 10 percent, or up to £200. You can effortlessly withdraw money from your bank account. If you bring 50 friends and each of them makes a purchase, you will receive 10,000 (50 x 200).

Paytm Refer and Earn Offer

Download Paytm Application

I am aware that you are reading this article in order to join or register for the Paytm Affiliate Program. However, you may earn money using Paytm in numerous other ways. The Paytm Referral Program is a brand-new addition to the list.

If you recommend your friends or family members to Paytm, you can receive 100 in cashback. However, the cash will only be credited if your buddy joins Paytm through your link within seven days and makes their first payment from a bank account.

  • Install and Download the Paytm app.
  • Register and create an account on the Paytm application.
  • Scroll down after opening the app to locate the Refer and Earn option.
  • This option is available in the section below on the homepage of the Paytm Android App.
  • Simply press it to share your Paytm invitation link with your pals.
  • Make it easy for your referred friends to sign up with Paytm and make their first payment from a bank account within seven days.

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