How to download and update google play store?

How to download and how to update latest version of play store?

Can you tell me what you’re thinking? The Google Play Store on smartphones is constantly being updated with new apps and other content. If you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right the first time.

All of your devices will need to be updated to take advantage of these new features. Basic functionality can only be accessed by using an older version of the software, which is why it is necessary to upgrade.

In order to use the most up-to-date version, you must have the previous version installed first. The following are some pointers and tidbits of wisdom to help you get the most out of your computer. In other words, what is the purpose of this question?

how to update latest version of play store

If you want to download APK via Google Play Store then

It also comes in Google Play Store APK format to download like any other Android app. Here I am trying to give some tips:

1. Download APKs from Play Store only from trusted sources (eg big Android blogs, tech blogs, trusted people in social media, etc.). If you download from any untrustworthy sources then it can also threaten your mobile.

2. You can download these apk in your mobile or computer. But by remembering, you should download those APK files to a device where you can remember that you downloaded it. By doing this you will keep this in mind.

Often, before installing such an .apk, you have to enable the Unknown Sources setting in your Android Phone. Because it is disabled by default for security reasons.

How to Enable Unknown Settings in Android Phone?

  • First enter in device settings.
  • Then go to “Security”.
  • Then go to Unknown Sources option and check that box. As soon as you do this, a warning screen will pop up which you must read. After that you have to hit “OK” which will enable you to install APKs from unknown sources. You can install Apps.

After installing, do not forget to disable that unknown security option.

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How to Disable Unknown Sources?

If you have installed any APK. And at the moment you do not want to install any other .apk file, then you should definitely disable the unknown sources. If you leave that Unknown Sources box undisabled, then it can create many security problems for you in the coming time. That’s why it is better that you turn it off again after the work is over. Let’s see how you do it next.

  • First of all go to device settings of your android phone.
  • After that go to Security settings, Privacy settings, or Application settings wherever you opened it earlier to enable it.
  • There uncheck that box. With this, any apps from unknown sources will keep you away from installing them. You can re-check it whenever you want and use it again to install apps.

How to update google play store?

The update of Play Store is an important part. You cannot control this manually. If a new update comes to the Play Store in your smartphone, then you will not have to go and update it. Whenever you connect your Android phone with any wifi, it will start downloading automatically.

You do not have to worry about how to update Google Play Store. If you do not download manually by the above steps, then your suitable version will be downloaded automatically.

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