10 Best Real Money Earning Apps in India 2022

10 Best Indian Money Earning Apps 2022

Hello guys, I hope everything is going well for you all. In this blog post, I’ll tell you about the 10 best apps for making real money in India in 2022. These apps will help you put real money in your bank account and Paytm wallet. I’ve written a lot about this subject in the past. If you’ve already read this blog, you probably don’t need to read it again.

From the best real money earning apps, you can make money online and get free Paytm cash by playing games or referring a friend. It won’t happen overnight. To make money, you have to be patient and finish tasks. Some apps let you make a withdrawal right away, while others will put the money in your bank account after one or two days.

In India, there are a lot of games that can make you money and have a lot of cool features and functions. Some of them are GameZy, Winzo Gold, RozDhan, Paytm First Games, and so on. It depends on you what kind of games you want to play to make money online with these real money making apps.

Please remember that you need your PAN card and proof of a bank account to complete KYC. This is a required step. If you don’t do it, you won’t be able to get your money out of your bank. Also, keep in mind that you can’t get these apps from the Play Store. You can get real money-making apps from the links below or from the apps’ official sites.

Real Money Earning Apps and Games

These are the apps I’ve been using for a long time. I have made a lot of money from GameZy and Paytm First Games, to be honest. Both give you real money for playing games and telling your friends about them. I have used all of the apps except for these two. If you know of any other apps that pay real money, please leave a comment below so I can add them to this post.

Earning AppsReferral MoneyDownload Link
1. GameZy₹12516Download Now
2. Paytm First Games₹5000Download Now
3. Real11₹75Download Now
4. RozDhan₹6Download Now
5. Mini Joy Pro₹39Download Now
6. Winzo Gold₹37Download Now
7. 11Challengers20% Commission (Lifetime)Download Now
8. MPL₹75Download Now
9. My11Circle₹551Download Now
10. Kubera Fantasy₹100Download Now

1.GameZy Earning App

GameZy is the best app for you if you want to play different games on a single app. You can play many different games in this app, from Fantasy to Rummy and more. KL Rahul is the brand ambassador of this app.

You can play games like fantasy sports, rummy, poker, ludo, carrom, 8 ball pool, run boy run, cricket, bubble burst, etc. I didn’t have any trouble with this app taking too long to load or lagging. After signing up, enter the GameZy Referral Code SUVAM to get a cash bonus of up to 12516. At the same time, if you refer a friend, you can get a cash bonus of up to 12516.

If you think you have a lot of friends or followers on your YouTube Channel, Telegram Channel, or Facebook Group, you can join the GameZy affiliate program by tapping on the GameZy Powerplay option. This will help you make money without having to play games.

The least you can take out is 25. You can move your winnings to your Paytm Wallet and your bank account. Every 24 hours, you can only make one withdrawal. Your request to withdraw money will be taken care of in the next 3 hours.

2. Paytm Games First

Many Indians like to do their daily online transactions through Paytm. Paytm is an app that lets you do everything from shopping to investing to paying bills and recharging your phone online. Paytm’s new gaming app came out not too long ago. Paytm’s official app for games is called Paytm First Games. Here you can play Rummy, Fantasy, Call Break, and Poker games and win real money in Bank. It is one of the best apps in India for making real money.

Sachin Tendulkar is the face of this app’s brand. The No KYC Fantasy App is something that a lot of people want to use. Do you know that Paytm First Games is also a No KYC app? If you’ve already signed up for this app with your Paytm credentials, you don’t have to do KYC again.

Here, you can get up to 5,000 for each new person you bring in. If you give your friend your referral code, you’ll both get 25 in your deposit wallet. But they need to put money in their wallet first. Also, every day, 50 lucky referrers will each get 50 in Paytm cash.

The least you can take out is 100. After you make your first deposit, you can transfer your winnings to your bank account, UPI, or Paytm Wallet. They will do what you ask right away and won’t charge you extra.

3. Real11 Earning App

On this app, you can’t play too many games at once. This app is for people who play fantasy. But they just recently added Ludo to this app. Hopefully, they’ll add more games to this app at some point. But right now, this app only lets us play fantasy games and Ludo.

Gautam Gambhir, who used to play cricket for India and is now the coach of the Lucknow IPL Team, is the brand ambassador for this app. If you use our Real11 referral code SUVAM to sign up for this app, you will get a 50 SignUp bonus. And for each new person you refer, you’ll get 50 in cash and 25 in XtraCash. You will be able to enter more contests in the future if you use this XtraCash.

The least you can take out is 200, and the most you can take out in a day is 50,000. You can only take money out of your Bank account with this app. Because fantasy apps can’t get money out of Paytm. If you want to get your money right away, you have to pay 10 per transaction. You can only make one withdrawal every 24 hours.

4. RozDhan Earning App

RozDhan is the best app for first-time users who haven’t played any games yet. It is one of the oldest apps in India that can be used to make real money. You’ll get 25 when you sign up, and you’ll get another 25 when you enter a referral code. If you change your profile, you’ll get an extra 200 coins. But don’t forget to put in the referral code for RozDhan.

There is also an offer to refer people to RozDhan. If you tell a friend about the site, you’ll get 6 for each friend. You will also get 1500 coins on top of that. In the RozDhan app, 250 coins are worth 1 rupee. You can only take money out once a day. The least you can take out is 200. Within 72 hours, the money from your withdrawal will be added to your Paytm Wallet.

5. MiniJoy Pro Earning App

Like GameZy, RozDhan, and Paytm First Games, this app lets you play games. You can play more than 40 games in this app, such as rummy, poker, quizzes, etc. With the Mini Joy Pro app, you can win up to 10,000 by playing a single game. Whenever you refer a friend, you’ll get 39 in cash. With the Mini Joy Pro app, you can earn up to 30001 per friend. Here, the lowest amount you can take out is 1. In this app, 1000 Joys equals 1. Your Paytm wallet will get the money right away after you make a withdrawal.

6. App for getting Winzo Gold

If you download this Winzo app, you will get 50 yen. People use this app every day to get free Paytm cash. You can get paid to play games with other people. For each new person you bring in, you’ll get 37. You also have a chance to win extra benefits worth up to 5 Lakhs.

If your friend downloads the Winzo app and verifies their account, you’ll get 5. If they put money in their Winzo app, you’ll get an extra 20. Also, if your friend plays 10 games in WinzoBazzi, you will get 2. Besides this, you’ll get an extra 10 if your friend brings in 5 more new customers.

7. The 11Challengers Fantasy App

A new app for fantasy games just came out on the market. This app is called 11Challengers. You can play many different types of fantasy games in this app. When you first sign up for this app, you’ll get £50. You can’t use this bonus in full to enter a contest.

You will also get a 50 cash bonus and 20 percent of your winnings for the rest of your life for every new person you bring in. Every time a friend you referred puts money in their wallet, you’ll get 20% of that amount in your winning balance. And guess what? You can also take this money out and put it in your bank account. So, I think 11Challenges is one of the best apps in India for making real money in 2022.

The least you can take out of 11Challengers is 200. If you want to get your money right away, you have to pay an extra 10 for instant withdrawal.

8. MPL Earning App

MPL stands for “Mobile Premier League,” which is its full name. You can play a lot of games in this app. Virat Kohli is the face of this app’s brand. You can make real money with this app by playing games like fantasy, rummy, poker, ludo, etc.

75 will be added to your MPL wallet if you refer a friend. Here, the least you can take out is 200. You can get your money out of both your bank account and your Paytm wallet.

9. My11Circle fantasy app.

I think My11Circle is one of the best apps in our country for making real money. Because with this app, you can make real money without having to spend any. This app’s brand ambassadors are Sourav Ganguly, VVS Laxman, Ajinkya Rahane, and Ranveer Singh.

If you follow the rules, you will get a bonus of 1500 after you sign up. Aside from this, you can get up to 551 cash for each new person you refer. You can either use this money to play games or send it to your bank account. When your friend plays a game worth 40 or a total of 40 worth of games, you will get 4 in your My11Circle wallet. In the same way, if they play 125 times 40 games, you can win up to 125 times 4.

Here, the least you can take out is 100. You can take out money for free once a month. After that, it will cost you 15 to take money out. This fantasy app doesn’t have a way to withdraw money from Paytm. But if you want to get money out of Paytm Bank, you can use UPI.

10. Kubera Fantasy

It is also an app about fantasy. Here, you can play games based on stories. If you download this app, you’ll get an extra 50 in cash. Also, for every new person you bring in, you’ll get 50 in cash. Here, the least you can take out is 200. You can take out as much as 200 at a time.

Put the Kubera Fantasy Referral Code SUVAMB10 into your wallet to get 50 for free. Use this money to play games or enter more contests to win real money in your winning balance.

Real Money Making Apps and Games:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which app in India gives real money?

There are a lot of apps that pay you real money to play games or use them. But GameZy, Vision11, MPL, and Kubera Fantasy are my favorite apps that let me make real money.

2. Does MPL really pay money?

Yes, MPL pays real money to people who play games. But to make money, you must first deposit cash and then use this cash to play games.

3. How can I make money on YouTube?

Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing are two ways to make money on YouTube. If you have a lot of subscribers and a good, interested audience, your videos will also be sponsored.

4. What are the best apps for making real money with no money down?

You have to play games with the extra money you get from money-making apps. But there are also apps that pay real money to people who invite their friends. Like My11Circle, Vision11, GameZy, Real11, Paytm First Games, 11Challengers, etc. So, these are the best apps for making real money without putting money into them.

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