Join Myntra Affiliate Program in 2022 | Register & Get 8.50% Commission

Join Myntra Affiliate Marketing Program in 2022 | Register & Get 8.50% Commission
Myntra Affiliate  Program

Affiliate marketing is a great way for Content Creators, Bloggers, YouTubers, and Social Media Influencers to make money online. You can sign up for the Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra Affiliate Programs through your blog or YouTube channel and make a lot of money. Today, I’ll tell you how to sign up for Myntra Affiliate Marketing and how much you’ll get paid. This article is for people who want to SignUp or join the Myntra Affiliate Program but don’t know how.

As you know, Myntra is an online shopping site where you can buy fashion items as well as electronics, accessories, home goods, etc. Both Myntra and Flipkart are very similar, but most people buy fashion items from Myntra. Because there are so many more collections on Myntra. Joining Myntra Affiliate can help you a lot because of this.

Myntra Affiliate Marketing

Numerous businesses use affiliate marketing to advertise their products. There was a period when everyone could participate in Myntra Affiliate Marketing. However, Myntra no longer operates the Affiliate Program independently. Therefore, if you wish to market the product by registering as a Myntra Affiliate, you must join an alternative to Myntra Affiliate.

In 2022, with the exception of Amazon, practically all commerce platforms, including Flipkart, Myntra, Paytm Mall, and Snapdeal, do not automatically run the Affiliate Program and do not permit new customers to join. However, there is no need for concern. There are currently numerous multi-platform affiliate schemes that offer the same commission. The finest aspect of these affiliate programmes is that you can promote Myntra, Amazon, and Flipkart from a single platform.

In addition, the minimum withdrawal amount from these affiliate networks is minimal and may be quickly transferred to a bank account. In addition, if you sign up for the Myntra Affiliate Program immediately, you can send your product’s link to your WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube Channel, or blog wherever you choose.

Best Myntra Affiliate Alternatives

Myntra, the leading online retailer, has stopped direct Affiliate Program enrollment. But you may still join Affiliate and make money by advertising Myntra products on social media. I’ve included the six top Myntra Affiliate options to the table below. You can choose the platform that best suits your needs.

EarnKaro, Zingoy, and CueLinks are, in my opinion, the three finest Myntra Affiliate alternatives for beginning users. Because you’ll receive fast acceptance on these three affiliate sites. On Vcommission, however, you need a particular amount of monthly traffic on your blog, which is difficult for newcomers to acquire.

Myntra Affiliate ProgramCommission Structure
1. EarnKaro8.50% for New Users
4.25% for Existing Users
2. Cuelinks7.50% for New Users
3.75% for Existing Users
3. Zingoy8.50% for New Users
4.25% for Existing Users
4. Vcommission4.50% for New Users
2% for Existing Users
5. Admitad7% for New Users
3.5% for Existing Users
6. Viglink6.6% for New Users
3% for Existing Users
7. AffZipUpto 9% Payout
8. INRDealsUpto 9.12% Payout

EarnKaro Affiliate Program

Join EarnKaro

By registering an account on EarnKaro and generating various affiliate links from there, anyone can earn money. In addition to Myntra on EarnKaro, you may also join affiliate programmes for Amazon, AJIO, Shopclues, Mamaearth, Udemy, Flipkart, and others.

Here, you can earn substantial income through Affiliate Marketing and referrals. EarnKaro withdrawals are available for 10 only. EarnKaro features a dedicated app and website. You may monitor your affiliate links, referrals, and commission information from any location. There is no need to download the EarnKaro app because you can access everything on the website.

The wonderful thing about EarnKaro is that you do not require approval to join any affiliate programme. After creating an account, you can make money by sharing any immediate approval affiliate link on social media.

If you are a new member on EarnKaro, you will receive a profit of 8.50 percent on all orders. In addition, if you are a returning customer, you will receive a 4.50 percent profit on all orders.

EarnKaro Affiliate Information

  • The duration of the Myntra profit link cookie is 30 minutes.
  • Profit tracking within 24 hours will be confirmed throughout the next 90 days.
  • If a user makes a payment with Myntra Credit, profit earnings do not apply.
  • Profit earnings will not be applicable to myntra App purchases.
  • If a user returns or exchanges a product, profit earnings are not applicable.
  • Profit earnings are computed disregarding order-additional fees and GST.
  • CueLinks’ minimum withdrawal amount is Rs 10.

How To Generate A Myntra Profit Link Using EarnKaro

  • Sign up for an EarnKaro account first.
  • Copy the product share Link for Myntra.
  • Now launch EarnKaro and select “Make Links.”
  • Copy and paste your Myntra link here.
  • Lastly, tap “Make Profit Link.”
  • EarnKaro will provide you with your Affiliate Link immediately.
  • Share it as widely as possible to earn money.

CueLinks Affiliate Marketing

Join CueLinks

This is an additional excellent method for joining various affiliate programmes from a single page. If you sign up for CueLinks, you may begin marketing a variety of brand products. Deals from Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Snapdeal, Hosting, boAt, etc.

The finest aspect of CueLinks is that you can promote CueLinks Affiliate Links on your WhatsApp, Message, etc. There is no need to wait for permission. Upon joining CueLinks, you are qualified to promote products.

CueLinks also has its own API and BOT. It implies that you may instantly turn any affiliate link to a CueLinks Profit Link and market it via Telegram Channel.

If you are a new user of CueLinks, you will receive a 7.50 percent compensation for Myntra Affiliate Marketing with CueLinks. In addition, existing users of CueLinks will receive 3.75 percent of revenues.

CueLinks Myntra Affiliate Information

  • PThe transaction and profit link will be immediately updated.
  • CueLinks has a cookie duration of 7 days.
  • You will earn a commission if people purchase products through the Myntra Website on a computer or mobile device. However, if they purchase through the Myntra app, you will not receive a commission.
  • New User Payout of 7.50 percent
  • 3.75 percent Payout for a Senior User.
  • CueLinks has a minimum withdrawal amount of Rs 500.

How Do I Create Myntra Profit Links Using CueLinks?

  • Sign up for an account on CueLinks first.
  • Copy the original link from the Myntra website or app.
  • Now navigate to the CueLinks website and tap the green icon.
  • Enter the merchant’s URL, then touch “Generate Link.”
  • Now copy the Affiliate Link and post it on social networking sites.

Zingoy Affiliate Marketing

Join Zingoy

In addition to EarnKaro and CueLinks, Zingoy is another great way to join Myntra Affiliate Marketing and make money. Zingoy is an Indian cashback and deal site where you can turn any normal link into a profit link.

In 5 minutes, you can use Zingoy to check and keep track of your Myntra profit link. It will be sure in the next 60 days. You can make Amazon, Flipkart, and a lot of other sites, besides Myntra, pay you to link to them through Zingoy.

If you’re a new Zingoy user, you’ll get an 8.5% commission from the Myntra Affiliate Program. At the same time, 4.25 percent of sales will go to users who are already signed up.

You can turn your ZingCash into rewards and use this balance to buy gift cards from Paytm, Amazon, Flipkart, and other places. If you buy a Paytm gift card, you’ll know how easy and free it is to move the money in your Paytm wallet to your bank account.

Please note that you can’t get cashback if your users shop on the Myntra app instead of a website. Aside from that, if they pay through MynCash, you won’t get any cashback either.

How To Make Myntra Affiliate Link Through Zingoy?

  • If you don’t already have an account on Zingoy, you will get 25 ZingCash when you sign up.
  • Sign up or log in, then copy and paste any normal link into the link box.
  • Click on the “Get Link” button now.
  • And share it everywhere to get up to 8.5% cash back.
  • After 60 days, Zingoy will let you move the cashback money to your bank account.

Vcommission Affiliate Marketing

One of the largest affiliate sites is Vcommission. But it’s not like EarnKaro, Zingoy, or CueLinks, in my opinion. You have to wait for approval on this website. Then you can make money-making links and share them on social media.

Vcommission will ask you to send in information about your traffic. It means where most of the people who visit your YouTube channel or blog come from. They have a minimum requirement, and if your site doesn’t meet it, you can’t join Vcommission.

Myntra Affiliate will get 4.5% of sales from their new users and 2% of sales from their existing users. You can put coupon codes, deals, and offers right on your website or blog by using the Vcommission API.

Vcommission Affiliate Details

  • You have to wait until Vcommission says it’s okay. Then you can start advertising your profit link.
  • Vcommission comes with a cookie that lasts 30 days.
  • Your Myntra affiliate links can be tracked in 24 hours.
  • After 60 days, the profit is sure.
  • The least you can take out is 1000.

Affiliate Network of Admitad

You can also use Admitad to market your Myntra Affiliate Link. You have to wait for approval on this site, just like you do on Vcommission. You can get a 7 percent commission if you are a new user. At the same time, if you are already a user, you will get a commission of 3.5%.

Admitad has a cookie that lasts for 30 days, and you can track your profit links right away. If you make at least 1,000, you can take your money out after 78 days.

Viglink Affiliate Network

Like Vcommission and Admitad, Viglink is also an affiliate network. Here, too, you have to ask for permission. Once they give you the green light, you can promote affiliate links for Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm Mall, and a lot of other places.

First, you need to set up Myntra profit links here. Once someone buys something from your link, you can start tracking your links after 24 hours. Viglink comes with a cookie that lasts 30 days. And after 45 days, you can get your money. The least you can take out is 1000.

AffZip Affiliate Marketing

I found this site recently when I was looking for information about affiliate marketing in India. You can sign up to be an affiliate on this site and then promote products from different websites.

Here, you can see a lot of campaigns, such as those for Dream11, PhonePe, MobiKwik, MakeMyTrip, GoDaddy, Go Ibibo, Reliance Jio, JBL, etc.

With AffZip and Myntra Affiliate Marketing, you can make up to 9 percent at the most. If your customers buy things from Myntra through the Myntra Website, you will get a commission. But you won’t get anything if they buy things on Myntra through the Mobile App.

AffZip has a cookie that lasts for 30 days, and your earnings will be confirmed in the next 30 days. I think it’s a great website to promote Myntra, Paytm, Jabong, Jio, PhonePe, Dream11, MakeMyTrip, etc. But you have to wait for approval, which is the only problem. And if your website doesn’t get enough traffic, you won’t get approved.

INRDeals Myntra Affiliate

Join INRDeals

If you want to make money with Myntra Affiliate, INRDeals is another great option. INRDeals has a great offer for people to refer friends and earn money. You can sign up for this affiliate programme and share links to make money on social media and Telegram. It also comes with a Telegram BOT.

You will get a 6.3% commission if any new users buy products through the Myntra Website. And if any of your current users buy something through your link, you’ll get a 3.15 percent commission. The best thing about INRDeals is that if users buy things through the Myntra app, you get a commission. In this case, you will get a commission of 3.15 percent. You can also share the Myntra Affiliate link on your YouTube channel.

The cookie for INRDeals lasts for 30 days, and the profit will be confirmed in 45–60 days. After 24 hours, you can track your orders. You can use INRDeals to join other affiliate programmes besides Myntra, such as Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong, Godaddy, etc. You can also make money by telling your friends about it.

FAQ: Affiliate Marketing for Myntra

  1. How do I set up an affiliate account with Myntra?
    You can’t just sign up for a Myntra affiliate account. But you can sign up to be a Myntra affiliate through sites like EarnKaro, CueLinks, Zingoy, etc. that are similar to Myntra affiliate.
  2. Where can I find the Myntra Affiliate API?
    There is no direct way to sign up for Myntra Affiliate. You can’t get Myntra Affiliate API, so you can’t. But you can use Vcommission, Admitad, Cuelinks, or Viglink API to add offers, promo codes, and product links directly to your blog.
  3. How much does Myntra pay its affiliates?
    If you are a new user and join Myntra Affiliate Marketing through EarnKaro, CueLinks, Zingoy, or Vcommission, you can earn up to 8.50 percent payout or commission. At the same time, if you already use these websites, you will get a commission of 2% to 4% as a Myntra affiliate.

Who can be a part of Myntra Affiliate Marketing?
Myntra Affiliate is open to anyone who has a Blog or a YouTube channel. If you join through EarnKaro, Zingoy, or CueLinks, you don’t have to wait for approval, but you do have to show where your traffic is coming from. At the same time, you need approval to join through VigLink, Vcommission, or Admitad. Once they say yes, you can start promoting Myntra profit links and making money.

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