The Panel Station Survey | Earn Rs 300 Amazon, Flipkart Gift Voucher

The Panel Station Survey | Earn Rs 300 Amazon, Flipkart Gift Voucher
Panel Station Survey

The Panel Station survey: Hello Guys, Do you want to work from home and make money? Do you want to use Online Surveys to make money? If so, read this article. I’ll tell you about The Panel Station Paid Surveys. In this Panel Station survey, you can get as many free Paytm, Amazon, and Flipkart gift vouchers as you want. You just have to answer few multiple-choice questions.

It is one of India’s best Paid Survey Sites. And from what I have seen, it takes no more than 5 minutes to finish one survey. You could easily get 1,000 points from one survey that you fill out.

What is The Panel Station?

This is an online paid survey site where you can take surveys and get free gift cards for doing so. Paid survey sites should be your first choice if you want to make money every day in just a few seconds.

For each survey on The Panel Station Survey sites, you will get 50 to 1000 points. If your profile has more than 3000 points, you can turn them into Paytm, Amazon, or Flipkart gift vouchers.


1000 points in The Panel Station Survey are worth Rs10. So, if your profile has more than 3,000 points, you can get Rs 300 gift vouchers in exchange.

More than 1.5 million people from all over the world use this Panel Station Survey site. In India, people can only sign up for this Panel Station Survey in a small number of cities.

How to sign up for The Panel Station Survey

To make money with survey sites, you have to sign up, just like with other apps or websites. Follow the steps below if you don’t know how to sign up for The Panel Station Paid Survey Site.

  • Open the Official Site for Panel Station or
  • Get the app for Android or Apple.
  • Fill your basic details (like name, email id, gender, phone no, date of birth)
  • If you choose “female,” you’ll be able to get more surveys and earn more points.
  • If you chose “female,” you should also enter the name of a female.
  • Only some cities, like Allahabad, Ajmer, Varanasi, etc., can take this survey. So try to add something in between.
  • If you’ve chosen cities from the list, choose the pin codes for those cities.
  • Then, type in your phone number. Don’t put in the wrong number, because you have to verify your account via OTP.
  • Tap “Submit” after you’ve read and agreed to the terms.

You might see something like “We’re sorry.” Don’t worry, it’s probably because you put in the wrong information, like the wrong pin code for Allahabad or something like that. So go back and check all the information again.

After you’ve successfully signed up, check your email to confirm your account.

How to get 1050 points from the Profile Verification Panel Station?

Once you’ve signed up and confirmed your email, you can use your email id and password to log in to the Panel Station website or mobile app. You might be thinking that you didn’t put in the password, so how will you get the password for the panel station? This Password for the Panel Station will be sent to your email address. If you didn’t get the password for the panel station, read on.

If you tap “forgot password” on the page where you sign in, they will send you a message with a new password. Just use your email address and a password to log in to The Panel Station App.

You get 1000 points for verifying your profile.
If you fill out your profile at the Panel Station, you will get 200 points. There are a total of 4 kinds of details you need to fill out, so it won’t take you long to get 1000 points. In my case, it only takes 10 minutes to fill out my profile information and get 1000 points.

Questions are easy, like “How old are you?”

how much does your family earn?

how many cars do you own? etc. You just choose the right answer from the choices given.

How to see what rewards I have at the Panel Station?

In the Rewards section of The Panel Station app, it’s easy to see what you’ve earned. After filling out your profile, you can see how many points you have on your account.

How To Redeem Points?

You can’t use your points right away at The Panel Station. To redeem you need minimum 3000 points. After you sign up and fill out your profile, 1050 points will be added to your account. So you need 1950 more The Panel Station Points to cash out your first set.

You can use gift cards to cash out your points at Paytm, Amazon, or Flipkart. On 3000 points, Panel Station gives a Rs 300 Gift Voucher.

The Panel Station lucky draw contest

You can also make money from The Panel Station in another way. A TPL Lucky Draw is happening. This happens once a month, and you have to buy a ticket to take part. Under “TPL Point Redeem,” you can buy a ticket. For 500-panel station points, you can buy one ticket to get in.

The winner of this lucky draw will be chosen once a month. They will tell everyone on their social media pages who won. If you bought a ticket and took part, you can see if you won or not on their social media pages.

The Refer and Earn Offer from Panel Station

If you have a group of friends and want to make money by inviting them, you can also do that here. The Program for Referral of Panel Stations is very interesting. If you tell a friend about TPL, you can get 500 points when they finish their profile. If your friend joins through your link, he or she will also get 500 points. But there’s a catch: you can only refer up to 5 friends per month.

Follow the steps below to tell a friend about The Panel Station. ,

  • Open the app for the Panel Station.
  • Log in
  • Tap on points available
  • Click on Tell a Friend.
  • Now, click Invite Your Friends.
  • Tell them about the app and give them your unique invite code.
  • If they need help, send them the link to this article.


Many people will wonder if The Panel Station Survey is real. This app is real, yes. But if you think that these Online Survey Apps will make you so rich, you are wrong. With survey apps, you can make some extra money. From what I’ve seen, if you do all the available surveys every day, you can earn up to $5,000 a month at most. Online Survey Apps are a good way to make money.

If you’ve had trouble with Panel Station Survey Points Redemption or anything else, leave a comment below. You can also talk to their customer service team.

To contact them Open the app>> tap the square icon below it >>and then tap “Contact Us.” Enter a subject and a message, along with the right screenshots, and then tap “Send.”

Thanks for coming to this site and reading the article The Panel Station Survey. Please bookmark this site and come back to look for more ways to make money online.

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