Shopsy Refer and Earn ₹150 in Bank | ShopSy By Flipkart Referral Offer

Shopsy Refer and Earn ₹150 in Bank | ShopSy By Flipkart Referral Offer

Hello guys, I hope everyone is fine and happy with their lives. A lot of us are always looking for the best app that sends real money to our bank accounts when we refer someone new. A referral offer is also coming with Shopsy site. Read the flipkart launches Shopsy refer and earn offer today if you want to get 150 in your bank account for referring a new customer.

The app Shopsy is made by Flipkart. If you share links to Flipkart products with your friends through this app, you can earn a commission. It is not marketing for Flipkart as an affiliate. But if you have friends or a Telegram Channel, you can share links with them and make money. The best thing about shopsy website is that you can also use it to order products for yourself and earn a commission.

Friends who join through your link will get 150, and you will also get 150 in your bank account right away.

About Shopsy

Shopsy App By FlipkartRewards
SignUp Bonus₹150
Referral Bonus₹150

(₹50 Referral + ₹100 Welcome Offer)
App LinkDownload Now

The Review of Shopsy by Flipkart

This app is from Flipkart and is made by them. With this app, you can sell things on Flipkart and make money. You can also earn commissions by sharing product links with your friends and groups. To make money with the Shopsy app, you don’t need to put money down or pay a fee.

To get paid for a product, you must first share the link to the product with your friends. If you order that product, the cashback amount will be added to your account. You will get your commissions after the return period. Until then, it will be shown as a profit-to-be-made. If they decide not to buy the product or send it back, you won’t get a commission.

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There is a separate option called WhatsApp Share on Shopsy by Flipkart. I think shopsy flipkart shopping works the same way as the Meesho app for reselling. If you choose this option, you’ll be able to share the links to the products right away on WhatsApp. You can order things for your customers and put “Final Customer Price” on the order. This will be the final price on the customer’s receipt (the price of the item plus your profit). You can also use the flipkart app shopsy to buy things for yourself and get a cut of the sale.

Shopsy Refer and Earn

Please remember that the Shopsy app has a minimum withdrawal amount of 100. Even though the amount from the referral will be added right away to your Bank account. You need to add your Bank account before you can get paid right away or as soon as possible.

How to create an Account on Shopsy?

  • First, get the Shopsy app on your phone.
  • Tap the “Start Making Money” tab.
  • Enter your mobile nuimber.
  • Enter the OTP you got on your phone.
  • Shopsy will use the data from the Flipkart app to learn about you.
  • The Shopsy app will add your Flipkart account, which is linked to your phone number.
  • Place your first order for at least 300 to get your Shopsy Signup reward of 150 in your bank account.

Shopsy: Open a Bank Account

  • To begin, click on the “My Account” link.
  • Just select the “My Bank Account” link.
  • To add a bank account, select that option.
  • Feel free to edit your billing information.
  • Now select “Save and Continue” to proceed.
  • Now, please update your bank account information.
  • Choose the “Save” button.
  • To ensure the legitimacy of your bank account, they will deposit $1 into it.
  • Done!! The Shopsy app now includes your bank details.

You can sign up to sell on Flipkart using the Shopsy app if you’d like.There are only three requirements to jointhe Flipkart Seller Program. The number of products available on Flipkart makes it one of the largest online marketplaces in the world. To that end, becoming a Flipkart vendor is a fantastic opportunity.

  • To begin, please visit the Flipkart page for online sellers.
  • For acceptance as a Flipkart Seller, you must first sell at least one item that cannot be found anywhere else.
  • Please enter your GSTIN and attach a copy of your cancelled check.
  •  Congratulations, you are now a Flipkart Seller!

Refer friends to Shopsy and get paid!

There is a referral programme built within the official Flipkart app. When you invite a friend, you both receive a 150 bonus. If your friend uses your referral link to sign up and places an order, you both will receive $150. Any new member who signs up using your referral link will receive both 50 from you and 100 from the site. Keep in mind that you must make a purchase in order to qualify for the Signup and referral incentive.

How to withdraw a Referral Bonus?

You don’t have to take out your Shopsy reward for referring a friend. If the first product your friend buys is worth $300, you and your friend will each get $150. The reward for referring someone will be added right away to your linked bank account. You can check on your referrals and earnings by going to the Shopsy Refer and Earn page.

If you put in the wrong bank information or haven’t added a bank account to your Shopsy account yet, you won’t get any rewards. The money will only be added to your account if you put in the right bank information and Shopsy verifies it.

How To Withdraw Earnings from Shopsy

The minimum amount you can withdraw from Shopsy is 100. If you don’t have at least 100 in your earnings tab, you can’t take out the balance right now. Before making your first withdrawal, you have to add a Bank account and verify it. Only then can you get your money.

  • Open the Shopsy by Flipkart app first.
  • Click on the tab that says “My Earnings.”
  • Check to see if the total amount earned is at least 100.
  • If you have more than 100, tap the “Withdraw Now” button.
  • Click on the option that says “Confirm and proceed eligible amount.”
  • Soon, a page that says “Payment request received” will show up.
  • In 1-2 business days, the money will be added to your account.

FAQs: Shopsy By Flipkart

What does Shopsy mean?

The app Shopsy is made by Flipkart. We can make money with this app by telling our friends about it, selling things on Flipkart, or giving our customers links to products.

Who can sign up for Shopsy?

With the Shopsy refer and earn offer, any Indian citizen with a Bank account can join Shopsy and make money.

What is the “refer a friend and earn” deal on Shopsy today?

If you tell a friend about the Shopsy by Flipkart app, you will get 150 as a reward.

What is the welcome offer on Shopsy?

If you downloaded the Shopsy app through the link above, you will get 150 (50 from a referral and 100 as a welcome offer) after your first order of 300.

How do I cash out my Shopsy referral bonus?

Shopsy will send the eligible referral reward right away to your linked and verified Bank account.

How much can you withdraw from the Shopsy app at the very least?

The least you can take out is 100. After the return period is over, the commission will be added to your account. It will show up as a “pending profit” until then.

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