Hosting Review: Hostinger, The Cheapest Hosting Solution

Hosting review Hostinger The Cheapest Hosting Solution

Hosting review Hostinger The Cheapest Hosting Solution

Hostinger, based in Lithuania, is one of the largest hosting services, serving more than 29 million customers per day. Performance and customer service are two of the reasons for the company’s long-term success.

With an average response time of 143ms, WordPress sites hosted by the provider may expect an average response time of 50s. However, our experience on the Single Shared Hosting plan was rather different and more in line with other hosting providers like HostGator’s, since the average speed was closer to 800ms despite these great claims.

Even so, if you buy a year-long subscription to Hostinger, you’ll get perks like an SSL certificate and Cloudflare protection. Cloudflare security and an email account make Hostinger stand out from most of its competitors, which typically reserve these features for the more expensive plans.

On top of that, Hostinger’s Help Center contains hundreds of articles on a variety of topics including site migrations, maintenance, performance, working with cPanel or even Hostinger’s hPanel, and much more.

To attract novice and intermediate users who want to set up a WordPress website that looks professional but doesn’t cost a lot of money, even the cheapest shared plan includes managed WordPress.

Hostinger Discount Coupon

Hostinger pricing plan

Web hosting company Hostinger provides a variety of options from shared hosting to virtual private servers to cloud hosting. You must carefully assess your existing needs against the price and features of the plan when selecting your web hosting service. It’s to avoid paying for a plan that supports 25,000 monthly visitors and allows the deployment of several websites when you simply need to put up a single website that receives approximately 8,004 monthly users.

If you sign up for a four-year membership to the Single Shared hosting plan, you’ll pay just $1.39 per month. When you consider that it comes with weekly backups and 30GB of storage space, the plan is a deal.

As a rule, hosting companies provide lower onboarding fees for longer contracts. For example, if you sign up for a 24-month subscription, you’ll pay $1.99 every month. Keep in mind that this is merely a trial deal, and renewal costs are higher and vary based on the length of your contract.


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Hosting review Hostinger The Cheapest Hosting Solution

Hostinger does not offer dedicated hosting, which is geared toward large businesses that need a lot of resources to handle their thousands of visitors. There are eight different VPS options to choose from if you want to go with anything else. One CPU core, 1GB RAM, 20GB SSD storage, 1TB Bandwidth, complete root access and other capabilities are included in the cheapest plan at $3.95 per month for a 4-year subscription. In order to add more resources, the prices go up.

Hostinger’s Cloud Lite and Premium Shared Hosting plans start at $1.79 per month for TechRadar subscribers only for the first three months.

A four-year subscription with Hostinger costs as little as $9.99 per month and goes all the way up to $18.99 per month.

Hosting review Hostinger The Cheapest Hosting Solution

Your use case will guide your decision on which option to go with. VPS plans are your only option if you want to host a podcast on your website, as Hostinger does not allow this on its shared or cloud hosting plans.

Hostinger, like most web hosts, accepts payments using Google Pay and most major credit cards. There is no support for debit cards or regional payment gateways or wallets when it comes to payments. To begin with, the hosting provider was wary of accepting payments in bitcoin, but now it accepts them through a partnership with CoinGate. Although Hostinger’s return policy indicates that cryptocurrencies are non-refundable, the 30-day money back policy may be void.

Hostinger sign up


Hostinger cheap shared hosting comes with a single CPU core and 768MB RAM. Small businesses or professionals who simply require one email account and don’t expect more than 10,000 visitors a month can get this plan for $1.39 per month. In addition, the 30GB of SSD storage space allows you to display your portfolio and list of services if you’re a professional or a corporation.

Free email accounts, weekly back ups, two subdomains, and more are all included with Hostinger’s shared hosting options. Sub-domains can be used to set up a blog or other sister website, giving your website a more polished appearance.

In contrast to HostGator, which gives a detailed list of all installed software and the underlying operating system on its knowledge base, Hostinger does not openly release this information on its shared hosting plans. The only other option is to ask for software and version information from the support team.

Hostinger WordPress Hosting

Compared to the shared plans, the WordPress hosting provided by Hostinger is superior in a number of crucial respects. A single WordPress site, one email account, 30GB of SSD storage, a free SSL, WordPress acceleration, and managed auto-updates are all included in the Starter plan, which costs $1.99 for the first four years and $3.99 after that.

With the WordPress Starter and Business WordPress plans, you get greater storage space, support for more sites, and a free year of Jetpack with an upgrade. Despite the fact that the WordPress Pro plan allows for 300 Websites, you are still limited in a number of ways.

Starting at $2.99 a month, the Starter plan appears to be the most cost-effective of the three options on offer. The option to manage numerous WordPress sites from a single dashboard, automated plugin upgrades, daily backups, and a Google Ads credit are all included in more expensive plans.

More powerful plans can be found from different service providers. sophisticated features like staging support are included in IONOS’ WordPress Pro (make major changes to your WordPress project without affecting the live site).

However, the price of all this power is high. Hostinger’s Starter WordPress plan costs just $7.99 a month, whereas IONOS’s most basic single-site plan is $18 invoiced monthly, which is about six times more expensive than Hostinger’s Starter WordPress plan. Hostinger’s shared plans are a good place to start if you’re new to WordPress or working on a tiny site. Upgrade to a fully-managed WordPress site if you feel you need it later on in the process.

Hosting review Hostinger The Cheapest Hosting Solution


Hostinger offers semi-managed VPS solutions for more demanding customers. These start at $3.95 a month for an annual plan with a basic 1 vCPU, 1GB RAM, 20GB storage and 1TB bandwidth configuration, rising to $8.16 a month on renewal. For $15.95 for the first four years, you may get a 4 vCore, 4 GB RAM, 80 GB storage, and 4 TB bandwidth plan with 80 GB of storage and 4 TB of bandwidth.

This is an excellent deal, far superior to what you’d get from the majority of service providers. To give you an idea of how much more expensive Hostwinds’ 4 vCore 4TB VPS is, it starts at $44.99 and renews for about $50.

In most cases, even the most powerful VPS hosting plans won’t enough, so you should look into dedicated hosting. Because Hostinger does not have any in this scenario.

Setup of a user account

In contrast to other hosts, Hostinger’s comparison table is chock-full of information about each package’s features. That one cron job and SSH access aren’t included in our basic plan are explained here if you’re interested in learning more.

A variety of subscription options (typically monthly billing as well as one, two, and four-year plans) are provided when you click “Buy.”

You should expect to spend a little more for shorter subscriptions than you would for longer ones, but most of the time this is exactly what you’d anticipate.

Unless you’re willing to fork up a lot of money each month, it’s not worth the effort. Annual Single Shared Hosting costs a total of $35.88, while the monthly plan costs $9.49 plus an initial $4.99 setup fee, $14.98 in total, or $33.96 after just three months.

All accounts have access to Cloudflare integration.

PayPal, credit card, Google Pay, and Bitcoin are just a few of the accessible payment methods. We opted for PayPal and made the standard transfer of virtual currency. We were directed to a straightforward setup wizard via a website link, and a welcome email with more information arrived shortly thereafter.

Making a Website

Setting up a new domain, moving an existing one, or using an existing one while keeping the current registrar were all options in Hostinger’s setup wizard.

You can also select to host your site in North America, the United Kingdom, or Europe, all from the comfort of your own home.

Hostinger’s four name servers were assigned to our domain, and we were instructed to alter our DNS settings.

In the final step of the “Start website” process, there were five options for us to choose from.
We were redirected to a WordPress installation page after clicking Install WordPress. After selecting an administrator password, we were able to set up the system with a single click.

There are already 157 popular apps that can be installed using Auto Installer’s identical automatic approach. Installing your apps quickly is important, and while we prefer the Softaculous installer, you can use this one as well.

Hostinger’s website builder, Zyro Builder, is called Zyro. You can choose from a wide variety of responsive templates (about 200), as well as simple e-commerce capabilities (such as adding a shopping cart).

In terms of design, it’s more about minor tweaks to an existing template than starting from scratch. There is no blogging platform, for example. Even yet, it’s capable of producing some high-quality websites, and there are no bothersome constraints on page numbers or site size to get in the way. Using a free website builder with a budget shared hosting plan is a rare occurrence.

You can submit your site using the File Manager, which launches a browser-based file manager. You can use this to manually install more advanced programmes, such as custom databases and configuration files, but it’s best suited for simple static sites.

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The graphical user interface (GUI)

There are a few complex features in Hostinger’s control panel, such as the Zone Editor (Image credit: Hostinger)

Using the Access Manager tool, you may provide people access to your Hostinger account so they can collaborate with you on site creation or management tasks. However, this is a lot more secure option than simply exchanging your credentials with others. Your invitees don’t have access to your entire account, but they do have their own login and password. However, they cannot, by default, use your stored payment information to purchase a new product or modify account information like your registered email address.

In the meantime, you can use Hostinger’s intuitive cPanel-like site manager to manage your domains, subdomains, databases, SSH access, emails, and FTP accounts without committing to anything. First-time hosts might be a little overwhelmed by the power here, but as soon as they begin to explore, it all begins to make sense. Even the most inexperienced users will be able to navigate the app’s most important functions in just a few minutes.


When you first go on the website of a hosting service, you may have the option of speaking with a person. Make an informed choice about the plan that best fits your needs, or ask specific questions about what’s included in the various plans. Only customers of Hostinger have access to the live chat feature. In the meantime, if you have a general query, you can contact the company’s support team.

The Help Center is a treasure trove of lessons and instructions for managing your website and customising various features including email, sub-domains, and FTP access, among other things.

In reality, you can use the Dashboard to do a search of the Help Center. Hostinger will return results that are most closely related to your search criteria, so you should have no trouble locating the answer you need. If it doesn’t work, you may always use the live chat to get answers. There is no way we would have waited 15 minutes for a response from Hostinger, despite the company’s claims that live chat responses take on average only 50 seconds each query.

Hostinger notifies us that an email would be sent if we close the window, which we did. It took another 15 minutes for us to receive the email, which was quite educational and valuable to us. When we attempted the live chat a second time, we received a response almost immediately.

The Priority Support add-on costs $1.99 per month if you sign up for a four-year membership, which means you’ll get a faster response time.

The Dashboard includes a live chat feature. To get a response in less than an hour, you’ll get a message in the chat window.

Mysterious events occurred during our testing. We were able to use the live chat at first, however it suddenly stopped operating. It was still possible to start a chat, but clicking on it resulted in nothing. We were forced to contact Hostinger with a generic question.

Clearing the browser’s cache or switching browsers was the official response to the question! The first trick, clearing the cache, did not work, but the second one did. To access a basic feature, we were compelled to switch to a different browser.


Monitoring our test website with, we recorded response times and any outages that occurred.

On Hostinger’s most basic shared hosting package, our test site maintained a 100 percent uptime record for a whole 10 weeks while being monitored.

Over the last seven days of testing, measured response times ranging from 171 milliseconds to 1.73 second, with an average of 382 millisecond. Hostinger’s response times are clearly slower than normal for entry-level shared hosting plans (200-400 ms on average, 700-800 ms at its peak).

Although page load speeds are important, we tested our site performance using Dotcom Tools’ Website Speed Test from 16 locations across the United States and Europe. At 878ms, this time it was in the top 25 percent of all suppliers.

Keep in mind that all comparisons are based on the lowest shared hosting plan from each test provider, so it’s a mixed bag. Hostinger, on the other hand, has plans that cost up to ten times as much as the $1.39 you’d pay with Hostinger.

Final verdict

When it comes to functionality and affordability, Hostinger’s starting plans aren’t quite up to par with cPanel-like site administration, but they’ll still work for some people.

Hostinger vs. SiteGround is a great way to see how Hostinger stacks up against the other major European web hosting service provider options.

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