ySense Survey Review 2021 | ySense Affiliate Program (30% Commission)

ySense Survey Review 2021 | ySense Affiliate Program (30% Commission)

Do you want to use surveys and affiliate programmes to make money online? If so, this article about the ySense Survey Review will be very helpful. In this article, I will talk about the ySense Affiliate Program and the ySense Survey Review 2021.

The ySense is a website for online polls. People can take surveys and earn money on this site. Anyone can sign up for ySense and make money through surveys, cash offers, and referrals.

The ySense used to be called the ClixSense. People now call it ySense. If you want to make money in your spare time, I think ySense will help you a lot. You just have to say what you really think about some questions. Your ySense account will then be given some US dollars.

ySense Survey Review

The ySense is also well-known for the affiliate programme that all users can take part in. You can use the ySense Affiliate Program or referral programme if you want to make money without putting in a lot of time. They will give you a commission of 20% or even 30% for the rest of your life.

Register for the ySense Survey

ySense Survey Review

There are a lot of sites that help us make money online by giving us surveys. Some of them are Google Opinion Rewards, Valued Opinions, ySense, AttaPoll, The Panel Station, and others. I give ySense a very high rating because people from all over the world can join to make money.

If you are from the United States, you should be at least 13 years old. People in other countries who are 16 or older can also join ySense to make money.

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You can put money in your account by taking part in Paid Surveys and Cash Offers. You can also make money by joining the ySense Affiliate Program. You can get your money via PayPal, Payoneer, Reward Link India, Skril, Lifestyle, BookMyShow, Amazon Gift Card, or ESTSIDE Gift Card. The least you can take out is $5.

ySense SurveyDescription
Age13 (USA)

16 (Other Countries)
Referral Commission20%
Minimum Payout$5.00 (ESTSIDE Gift Card)

$8.00 (Amazon Gift Card)

$10.00 (PayPal)

$52.00 (Payoneer)
SignUp LinkClick Here

How to earn money with ySense?

You can make money with the ySense Survey in two or three ways, such as by taking paid surveys, taking part in the daily poll, joining the affiliate programme, or taking advantage of cash offers. When you first sign up for ySense Survey, you can earn $.02 by filling out a profile survey. You need to give 10 answers based on your own life, after which your ySense Survey account will be credited with $0.02.

Paid Surveys

This is the first way to use ySense to make money. Here, you get paid to have an effect on different products, brands, companies, or services. First of all, if you want to take paid surveys, you have to fill out the profile survey.

With ySense Paid Surveys, you can get paid anywhere from $0.03 to $5.00. It depends on what kind of surveys you are filling out. If you start a survey but don’t finish it or give the wrong answers, your ySense survey account will be taken away.

Most surveys will give you your money right away. But surveys with a red flag will pay you after 30 days or right away. In each survey, you can only click once.

  • First, go to the official site for ySense.
  • Click on the ‘Paid Surveys’ option.
  • Fill out the profile forms.
  • Now, click on each survey one at a time.
  • Please keep in mind that you can only click on a paid survey once.
  • Fill out a survey to get paid.

Daily poll

ySense will start a poll every day. To get your daily reward, you have to fill out the poll. With the ySense Daily Poll option, you can only click once to make money.

  • First, go to the official site for ySense.
  • Tap on the option for Surveys.
  • Click now on “Daily Poll.”
  • Choose any one answer to fill out the poll.

ySense Affiliate Program

ySenseAffiliate Program
SignUp LinkClick Here
SignUp Commissions$0.10 to $0.30
Activity Commissions1-100 users 20%

100-200 users 25%

200+ users 30%

I think the ySense Affiliate Program is a great way to make money online in addition to the ySense Paid Surveys. The ySense affiliate programme is open to anyone who wants to join. At first, they will pay you a recurring commission of 20%, but if you help them get good results, they will raise the referral commission from 20% to 30%. There are two kinds of commissions on ySense Surveys: commissions for people who sign up and commissions for people who do things.

Signup Commissions: A signup commission for an active user will earn you $0.10. Users from certain countries will give you $0.30 when they sign up. If the person you referred makes their first $5 (not counting bonuses and commissions), you will also get a $2 bonus.

Activity Commissions: Whenever one of your referrals fills out a survey or cash offer, you’ll get a 20% commission. The more people fill out surveys and cash offers, the more recurring commissions you will get. If you have at least 100 active users who have bought something from you in the last 30 days, they will increase your ySense affiliate commission by up to 5%. So instead of a 20% recurring commission, you will get 25%.

Also, if you have 200 or more active users, your commission from the ySense affiliate programme will go up by up to 10%. It means that you will get 30% recurring commission from ySense.

Look at affiliate Statistics

You can easily find out about all the friends you’ve referred. Follow the steps below to check your ySense affiliate statistics.

  • First, go to the official site for ySense.
  • Click on “Affiliates” and then “My Stats.”
  • Here, you can see how many people you’ve referred and how much money you’ve made from them.

Check ySense Referrals

Here, you can see all of the friends you’ve referred, as well as their username, user id, earned amount, active date, and last login details. Check out the steps below to see the whole process.

  • First, go to the official site for ySense.
  • Then tap the “Affiliates” menu and choose “My Referrals.”
  • Check to see how much money each of your friends who referred you earned, as well as your user ID, user name, and the last time you logged in.

ySense Withdrawal

The ySense is a website for online polls. People from all over the world can sign up to make money on this site. It’s easy to get your money out of it. To get your money from the ySense website, all you have to do is tap the Cashout button. You can take out the money you’ve made from surveys, cash offers, or commissions from the ySense refer and earn or affiliate programme. Just follow the steps to get your money back.

You can get your money through PayPal, Payoneer, Reward Link India, Skrill, ESTSIDE, BookMyShow, Lifestyle, or Amazon Gift Cards.

ySenseMinimum Withdrawal
1. ESTSIDE Gift Card$5.00
2. Amazon Gift Card (INR)$8.00
3. BookMyShow Gift Card$10.00
4. Lifestyle Gift Card$5.00
5. Payoneer$52.00
6. PayPal$10.00
7. Reward Link India$7.00
8. Skrill$5.05


I hope you read this article on the ySense Affiliate Program and ySense Survey review. You can earn money on this website by completing paid surveys, cash offers, and affiliate programmes. If you have a network of acquaintances, you can make 20 to 30 percent recurring affiliate commissions. Any user older than 16 (13 in the United States) can register on this website.

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