7 Easy Ways to Increase Your Medium Views

How to Increase Views on Medium?

At a time when organic reach is dropping (or even dead) on many social media, Medium is a shining beacon of hope if you feel like your great content is going unnoticed and unappreciated.

Medium is great because it cares about how valuable your ideas are. It’s not just another place where famous people and big names rule.

How to Increase Views on Medium?

Even if you aren’t a big influencer with a lot of followers or if your niche is small, your Medium story can still get a lot of views and “green hearts” (the Recommend button). It can be done.

Publishing on Medium is such a strong tool for content marketers. Here are my best tips for getting more views on Medium posts.

1.Use a strong picture

Putting an interesting image at the top of your post can help more people read it. Add an image right after your headline to make sure it will show up in mobile news feeds as part of your teaser, like this:

Visuals make people more interested on Medium and everywhere else. If you don’t include an image in your Medium post, your new trailer will just be a few words, usually the first sentence of your post. This means that fewer people will click on it and read it.

Always try to include a good image that stands out. The right picture can help people understand what your article is about and get them to click the Read More link.

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2. Advertise by paying

You can advertise your Medium posts using Facebook and Twitter ads (and check out this post about content advertising to learn more about paid content promotion). With only $50 as a catalyst, you may give your work a tiny boost to help it gain 200 hearts within 24 hours.

If you’re able to surpass 200 hearts in a single day, there’s a good likelihood that your post will begin trending and be distributed to users via the platform’s content suggestion piece. Your page views will soar.

Targeting folks who are not on Medium would be a complete waste of money if your sole objective is to gain hearts.

Once your post begins to trend, an increasing number of people will see it, read it, and heart it. You desire to reach this Medium Virtuous Cycle and ride your unicorn post for as long as possible.

3. Send Your Article To Medium-Sized Publications

Why go alone? Request a publication owner on Medium to publish your post.

Having your article featured in a publication will expand your audience beyond your following to include all of the newspaper’s followers. Some Medium publications have more than 100,000 followers, thus being featured in a really large publication might provide a significant boost.

All Things Marketing & Entrepreneurship, my Medium publication, has nearly 10,000 subscribers, making it the largest marketing publication on the platform! So, someone who is new to Medium and has a modest following could ask me to highlight one of their posts on my channel, which would expose them to an entirely new and much larger audience. (Interested in making a donation? Send me a message on Twitter.)

4. Delete & Repost Your Articles

Not every Medium article you publish will be an instant classic. However, if you believe your article should have performed well, but it did not receive any reads or hearts for any reason, you may erase and republish it.

Give your material a third chance if it has less than 1,000 views and 50 hearts (its first chance was wherever it was initially published, and its second chance was its first incarnation on Medium). Try again.

There is an element of unpredictability to Medium success. Some of it has to do with publishing at the optimal time when people are active, resulting in a snowball effect of individuals recommending your post.

Just because your material has underperformed twice does not mean it will continue to do poorly. Hopefully the third attempt will be successful. If you try more than three times, be sure to alter the title and image because, after a certain point, trying the same thing repeatedly in the hopes of a different outcome becomes a bit ridiculous. Additionally, wait at least two months between attempts so as not to drive your followers insane.

5. Increase Your Twitter & Facebook Followers

Medium instantly synchronises your Twitter and Facebook followers with your Medium followers. Therefore, you must attract more readers to your particular funnel.

Everything you do to develop your Twitter and Facebook followings will eventually benefit your Medium account (just as, in turn, everything you do on Medium will help grow your Twitter following and Facebook fans). Even if only 1 in 10 individuals have an account, this will still be beneficial.

6. Follow Individuals Who Interact With Your Content

This is such an easy one. Follow individuals back if they interact with your material, whether through a suggestion or a comment, which will result in them receiving a notification that you’ve followed them.

They have demonstrated an interest in the topic of your essay. So keep them involved! While your information is still fresh in their minds, you should strike.

It is likely that those who have interacted with your postings will follow you back. Approximately one-fourth of the people I’ve followed follow me back.

7. Post On A Regular Schedule

You cannot simply create a Medium account and submit random articles and expect to acquire traction. You will need to exert effort. That requires consistently publishing engaging content.

The outcomes of producing two or three articles every week over the past six months have been rather astounding. My postings receive anywhere from 250,000 to 500,000 pageviews each month, and I’m gaining a couple thousand new followers per week, which increases the likelihood of future success.

The most astonishing thing is that none of the content I publish is unique! It was initially published on other websites. All the reads are incremental, indicating that these individuals would have never read my writings otherwise.

Optimization for Medium in Brief

So that’s how Medium is optimised, guys:

  • Use a striking image.
  • Spend a few dollars on social marketing to promote your post.
  • Work with Medium publications to increase your visibility.
  • Remove ineffective posts and reinstate them.
  • Increase the number of Twitter and Facebook followers.
  • Follow those who enjoy your posts.
  • Post frequently.
  • Proceed and extract more value from your content. Invade and dominate Medium! (and while you’re there, please follow me on Medium!)

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