5Paisa Refer and Earn Offer 2022 | Get Upto 40% Brokerage Sharing

5Paisa Refer and Earn Offer 2022 | Get Upto 40% Brokerage Sharing

Hello, friends! I hope you’re all doing fine. This article is about 5Paisa’s Refer and Earn Offer for 2022. If you refer a friend, you can get a lot of free vouchers, real money, and up to 40% of the broker’s share for the rest of your life. Doesn’t it sound good?

5Paisa is a Demat and Trading app in India. Here you can buy mutual funds, stocks, US stocks, insurance, IPOs, and digital gold. The interface of this Demat and Trading app is simple, but it is also very advanced. Here, the home screen gives you a lot of choices.

In this app, there is a separate choice called “Investment Idea.” Here, you can find long-term ideas, short-term ideas, hot stocks, and so on. In addition, the “Investment Idea” tab will show you ideas for mutual funds.

All users can take part in the 5Paisa refer-and-earn offer. First, you need to open a Demat account here. After that, you can refer friends to get free brand vouchers, a share of the brokerage fees, and other things.

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5Paisa App Review

I’m sure that most of you have heard of the stock market or share market. 5Paisa is also an app for trading stocks. Here, you can buy stocks, mutual funds, digital gold, and even US stocks. This app has a very interesting offer for people who tell their friends about it. So, you’re here to read this post. For the first person you tell about 5Paisa, you’ll get 500 in your wallet. After that, for every two new people you refer, you’ll get up to 5,000 worth of brand vouchers for free. You will also get brokerage sharing for the rest of your life. For the first five people you refer, you’ll get a 12.5 percent share of the commission. For the next 25 people, you’ll get a 25 percent share of the commission. After 40 or more referrals, you’ll get 40% of the brokerage share for life.

This app is one I’ve been using for a long time. And I thought this app was great. If you want to start investing or get free rewards, this is the app for you.

There are three ways to sign up for the 5Paisa App. The Basic Pack, the Power Investor Pack, and the Ultra Trader Pack are what you get. From Rs 20 to Rs 10 brokerage charges, you’ll get a lot of benefits. There are no account opening fees.


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How to Open a Demat Account in 5Paisa?
  • First, get the 5Paisa app by download or [Click Here].
  • Choose the option “Open a Demat account.”
  • Submit required documents.
  • Verify KYC.
  • Wait a couple of hours.

Required Documents

You need to send in a few documents to 5Paisa in order to open a Demat account. Here is a list of the documents that you need. You can give any of the documents listed for each group.

  1. PAN Card with ID Proof
  2. Proof of address: Aadhar card, passport, voter ID, or driver’s licence
  3. Information about your bank Bank statement, check, or passbook
  4. Proof of a signature: Signing on a blank piece of white paper

5Paisa Refer and Get Paid

Get 5Paisa here

I think this Demat account is one of the best apps for referring friends and making money. Because any user can make up to 40% brokerage sharing for the rest of their lives. It means that every time a friend you referred puts money into the 5Paisa app, you will get between 12.5% and 40% of the brokerage in your account. You can put this money in your bank account or use it to buy stocks, mutual funds, digital gold, and other things.

You will also get free Brand Vouchers worth 5000 for your first two referrals and 500 for your first referral. The 5Paisa refer and earn offer is made up of three parts. Star, Elite Club, and Pro Referrer are these.

Referral CategoryRewardBrokerage SharingNo of Referrals
Get Lucky₹50012.5%1st Referral
Star₹25012.5%2-5 People
ELITE Club₹25025%6-25 People
PRO Referrer₹25040%26+ Referrals

How to Earn by Referring?

  • First, open the 5Paisa app.
  • Select the User menu item.
  • Then, select the option ‘Refer and Earn’
  • Copy your 5Paisa referral code.
  • Refer and earn link for Paisa on WhatsApp.
  • You can also suggest friends on additional social networks.

How to Withdraw Referral Money?

If you have referred several individuals and some of them have completed their profile and registered a Demat account in the 5Paisa app, then you can withdraw your funds to your bank account. However, there are terms and conditions. The minimum balance in a wallet is 100 yen. So you must keep 100 in your wallet and the remainder can be withdrawn to your bank account.

5Paisa Refer and Earn Offer 2022

They will assess a monthly AMC Fee. Therefore, you must also pay for it. If you already have a balance in your wallet, it will be deducted from it. Recently, I was required to pay 29.50 in DP AMC Charges. The remaining terms and conditions of 5Paisa’s refer-and-earn promotion are listed below. Please carefully read it.

Referral Offer

If you refer a friend to 5Paisa and they sign up through your link, they will receive a free Demat & Trading account and 2100 in bonuses. Within this sum of 2100, they will receive 100 in free stock-buying credit with a 25-day validity. And 2,000 worth of brand coupons from some of our country’s leading brands.

1. Full rewards will be credited to your 5Paisa account within 48 hours of account opening.1. ₹150 will be credited within 48 hours if referred friend opened an account and ₹100 will be credited after their first ‘trades’.1. ₹100 will be credited if your referred friend opens a Demat account and ₹150 will be credited after their first ‘trades’.
2. You can use the reward to buy only stocks or mutual funds within 25 days.2. ‘Trades’ mean the referred friends need to transact worth ₹5000 or add ₹10000 within 15 days.2. ‘Trades’ mean the referred friends need to transact worth ₹5000 or add ₹10000 within 15 days.
3. Referrer is eligible for benefits if they open an account within 7 days.3. Referrer is eligible for benefits if they open an account within 7 days.3. Referrer is eligible for benefits if they open an account within 7 days.

5Paisa Insurance

You may now purchase insurance using the 5Paisa app. In this section, you will also find Car, Bike, Health, and Term insurance. 5Paisa Car Insurance is priced at 20 per day, while 5Paisa Bike Insurance is priced at 11 per day. In addition, 5Paisa Health and Term Insurance include 10 per day. Check the app for more information on 5Paisa Insurance.

5Paisa Margin Calculator

In addition, the 5Paisa capital limited includes a margin calculator. This 5Paisa Margin Calculator tool will assist you in determining the amount of leverage you will receive for a specific company across a variety of categories, including equity delivery, equity intraday, commodity, and currency, etc. 5Paisa offers varying leverage for various types of deals.

How to Calculate 5Paisa Margin?

  • First, open the ‘User’ option within the 5Paisa application.
  • Now, select the ‘Tools and Calculators’ tab.
  • Here is the “Margin Calculator” option.
  • Now choose the trade type, such as Equity, Currency, or Commodity.
  • Choose a type like option or future.
  • Then, choose between intraday and delivery modes.
  • Choose a Stock in the Scrip field.
  • Choose expiration date
  • Enter Strike Price, Price, and Lots, then select Calculate.

FAQs: 5Paisa Referral Offer

What is the 5Paisa refer-a-friend programme?

If you refer a friend who opens a Demat and Trading account on the 5Paisa app, you will receive 5,000 worth of free brand vouchers and up to 40% brokerage share.

What is the offer of the month for 5Paisa?

5Paisa has lately introduced an offer of the month programme. If you suggest two friends and they register a Demat and Trading account and make their first trade, you will receive 5,000 in brand vouchers in addition to 500 for the first referral and 250 for the second. In addition, remember that if you successfully refer two friends, you will receive 12.5 percent brokerage sharing.

How can you close your 5Paisa account?

Call the 5Paisa customer service or send an email to support@5paisa.com, then download and submit the 5Paisa account closing form.

Who is the owner of 5Paisa?

Nirmal Jain owns the 5Paisa application.

What are the 5Paisa AMC charges?

You must pay 540 per year in AMC fees.

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