How to create google account?

How to create google account?

Many people want to know how to create a Google Account? In such a situation, if you have a Google account of your own, then you can easily use all the services of Google. Now the question arises that what is this Google account? How to create google account? Even though many of us will have knowledge about Google account, but there are many people who have hardly any idea about how to create their account on Google which is its practical use.

Whoever does not know that how to create a Google account in Jio phone, then today’s article is going to be very informative for you people because today we are going to know what is Google account, what are its types and how to create an account for yourself in Hindi. I am learning and understanding. Do not skip any section of this article because do you know if you get to learn something new there.

One thing you must understand is that just like we need a key to enter the house, in the same way we need a Google account to use Google products and services. That’s why today I thought why not tell you about how to create a Google Account or Google ID, so that you too get a chance to use all their free services. So without further delay let’s get started and know more about Google Account.

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What is google account?

A Google Account is a type of user account that is required by some online Google services for access, authentication and authorization, including Gmail, Google+, Google Hangouts and Blogger. At the same time, there are many Google products that do not require an account to access, in which Google Search, YouTube, Google Books, Google Finance and Google Maps are the main ones.

But at the same time we need an account when we want to upload videos on YouTube and want to make necessary edits in Google Maps. Therefore, if you want to get or access the services of Google or any other websites, then it is very important for you to have a Google Account.

Google Account Types

How to create google account?

If you do not understand the different types of Google accounts properly, then you are not wrong in this, because you are not alone in thinking so. As Google’s product offering began to grow, they also changed their account name types and services. They also changed the features and permission levels of each account. This is none of Google; Rather it is just a nature of rapid development process for cloud applications.

Google has developed so many products and services in a very short time that they need to keep such different accounts.

By the way, there are mainly four types of Google Accounts, about which every Google user should know.


How to create a google email?

A Gmail account is a free Google Account that has an email address and ends in Gmail accounts were the first to come in 2004, and at that time they were so much demanded that users needed invitations from someone to create an account. At that time the storage space of 1GB was really a big thing for the rest, which the rest of the competitors did not provide. You can access Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Google Sites from the Gmail mailbox. Whereas with this account, users can instantly login to many other google applications such as Picasa, Blogger and Maps.

Gmail accounts are maintained only by the user who has that account and no business IT administrator is required.

Google Account

How do i set up a google account?

A Google account consists of a username and a password that can be used by other Google applications such as Docs, Sites, Maps and To login to the search is done  (These are separate from Google Apps Account). It is not necessary that these accounts should be terminated only from For example, one can use their @yahoo email address to sign up for a Google Apps account.

Google Apps Account

A Google Apps account (in which more emphasis is given to the word “apps”) is an account that is associated with a domain that uses Google Apps (mail, calendar, docs and sites), for messaging and collaboration. When this product was first introduced, it was called “Google Apps for Your Domain”, then it was called “Google Apps Standard Edition” and now it is simply called “Google Apps”.

These accounts now provide 7GB of email storage space, as well as access to Gmail, Calendar, Docs and Sites. This type of account is used more by organizations, clubs, and informal groups that require more enhanced security, support and administration options for Google Apps Business. The support that comes with this account is that this account is only connected with Google Help Center and Google Help User Forum. These accounts are free; But its domain was limited to ten users at a time.

Google Apps for Business

Google Apps accounts are very good to use but when it comes to enterprise then there is only one type left which is Google Apps for Business account. Google Apps for Business was previously called “Google Apps Premier Edition”. Users using this account are provided with up to 25GB of Gmail storage space, Calendar, Mail, Docs, Google Video and Google Groups for business. This Businesses account guarantees about 99.9% uptime as well as providing email and phone support.

These accounts have the facility to access many tools which are very important in legacy systems to synchronize old messages, calendar items, and contacts. In addition, Google Apps for Business also has access to Postini Message and Security services without any additional cost. This Google Apps for Business account is the only account that is not free. Its cost is $50 for a year for a user which is roughly $5/month. These accounts and services are managed by an admin in the Google Apps Dashboard.

How to create google account?

By now you must have got information about Google account, but now let us know how to create a new account for yourself.

1.  To create your new Google Account, you have to first open your browser, where you will have to go directly to ‘Create Google Account’. As soon as you open this link, the complete form for creating a Google Account will open in front of you.

2. Fill all the information given in this form correctly and accurately. In this form, first write your First Name and Last Name, after that also write your Username in it. Remember that fill up the username very carefully. This is because the username should be unique and no one should have used it already because if the username has already been used by someone, then Google will search it in its database and deny it.

Keep in mind that here the username of your Gmail ID is also formed. Once you have selected the correct username, then Google will automatically tick green next to it, which shows that your username is unique. After this, you will have to choose a strong and secure password for your Google account.

3. Always remember your username and password, this is because to access your Google account, you only need the username and password to sign in to the account.

4. After that fill the rest of the information in the form, including your date of birth, your gender, and your mobile number along with; Be sure to write After this write the name of your country like India. Present at the bottom after filling the necessary information in the complete form; Click to proceed.

5. After this you have to get your Google account verified. For which you have to write your mobile number and click on Continue button to get OTP.

6. Now it is Google’s turn, you just have to wait for that message or OTP. This OTP will be received on your mobile number as a verification code by SMS. You have to write that OTP in the Verification Box immediately and then click on Continue.

7. After writing the correct Verification Code and after verifying it by Google, your Google Account is ready. And together you will receive welcome emails from Google in your inbox. By opening those, you can complete all the steps if you want, but doing this is not mandatory or mandatory. You can also skip if you want.

8. Now you are ready to use all Google products and services, such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Plus, Blogger, Drive; etc. By simply opening them, you will have to sign in with the Sign in details (<strong>User Id and Password); of your Google Account.

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